Andrew Perchlik

Democratic/Progressive, from Montpelier

Why are you running this year?

I’m a candidate this year to continue to serve the 18 towns and 2 cities of Washington County. I am eager to continue to work on building: a clean energy economy, accessible and affordable child care, and more affordable educational options for Vermonters after high school.

What’s the biggest challenge facing Vermonters?Working together and not allowing ourselves to be divided.

What steps need to be taken as Vermont’s economy recovers from the effects COVID-19?Continuing to stop the spread of COVID-19 is the best way to get the economy to recover.

What are your top priorities?Strengthening Vermont’s clean energy economy. Providing accessible and affordable access to child care, pre-school, primary health care, and post-secondary educational opportunities.

What distinguishes you from other candidates?I’m distinguished by my experience in local government, including volunteering for the fire department and serving on the select board, working in state government, founding and building a trade association of local clean energy businesses, and my two years in the Senate, where I’ve shown I can work with other senators and representatives to get work done that benefits Vermonters generally and the Washington County, specifically.

Anthony Pollina

Progressive/Democrat, from MiddlesexWhy are you running this year?I am running to continue trying to improve the lives of Vermonters. We face serious economic challenges and need legislators who will put working families first. I will continue to push for tax reforms that make the wealthy pay their fair share. A Vermont Green New Deal that puts people to work while fighting climate change. Moving away from property to an income-based system of funding schools, universal access to primary health care and other policies that benefit the majority of Vermonters.

What’s the biggest challenge facing Vermonters?Our challenge is to rebuild our economy to be stronger than it was before the pandemic and not see budget deficits as a reason to cut family support programs when we need them most. We can use this time of transition as an opportunity to build better systems that improve access to affordable child care and health care and design other strategies to better the lives of Vermonters. And, as difficult as it is to talk about raising new revenues, we should implement tax reforms that require the wealthiest to pay their fair share.

What steps need to be taken as Vermont’s economy recovers from the effects COVID-19?The COVID-19 pandemic clearly exposed the holes in our economic policies, from lack of child care to food insecurity. We now need to be willing to look outside the usual policy options and implement real systemic changes to address the need for affordable health care and child care, family medical leave, higher wages for essential workers and more. This allows us to rethink how we raise revenue and pay for needed services. This should include changing how we fund public education and focusing our economic support to local businesses, including restaurants, so important to our local economies and communities.

What are your top priorities?A Vermont Green New Deal that puts Vermonters to work at good paying jobs while investing in climate change actions including weatherizing buildings, sustainable agriculture, public transportation, renewable energy and more. Tax reform that requires the wealthiest to pay their fair share to support needed services. Universal access to affordable health care and child care.

What distinguishes you from other candidates?I bring many years of experience working with Vermonters on issues that impact their lives. As policy adviser to Bernie Sanders, founder of Rural Vermont, Director of the Vermont Public Interest Research Group and more. I have consistently advocated for tax reforms, ways to make school funding fairer and income based, and proposals to make our state colleges affordable. I will continue to push for policies that benefit Vermont families.

Also running but did not respond to our questionnaire:Ken Alger

Republican, from Barre Town

Ann Cummings

Democrat, from Montpelier

Dawnmarie Tomasi

Republican, from Barre Town

Dwayne Tucker

Republican, from Barre Town

Paul Vallerand

Independent, from Barre Town

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