Hardwick driver Jaden Perry poses in front of his car after winning the Triple Crown championship at White Mountain Motorspors Park.

NORTH WOODSTOC, N.H. — East Burke driver Colin Cornell won the battle while Hardwick’s Jaden Perry won the war in a wild finish to the Triple Crown Series at White Mountain Motorsports Park.

Cornell inherited the lead when the top four cars got tangled up with three laps to go and went on to win the 75-lap Flying Tiger main event. Despite being part of the late incident, Perry was able to edge Shane Sicard and Cornell for the Triple Crown championship.

Cornell was running a distant fifth with laps winding down as Perry, Ben Belanger, Ryan Ware and Sicard took the gloves off at the front of the pack. Belanger, the winner of the previous Triple Crown event, knifed his way from the ninth starting spot to take the lead from Ware on lap 65. Perry followed Belanger around Ware and went right to work as he attempted to both secure the Triple Crown title and gain on Sicard in the season-long championship chase.

Perry and Belanger made contact with two laps to go, sending Belanger into the spin cycle to bring out the race’s second caution. Perry was sent to the rear for his involvement in the incident. Ware and Sicard both sustained damage while trying to avoid the accident and were forced to pit for repairs. As a result, Cornell suddenly found himself in the lead with a shot at the title.

Armed with the cushion of two lapped cars between himself and new runner-up Michael Potter, Cornell easily drove off during the restart to win the feature. Behind him, Perry and Sicard made big gains over the final three laps and crossed the finish line seventh and eighth, respectively. When the dust settled, Perry was the Triple Crown champion by just two points over Sicard and Cornell.

Potter and Danny Doyle were fellow beneficiaries of the late jam-up as they came home second and third, respectively. Rookie Bryan P. Wall finished fourth after starting 15th. Kasey Beattie, Jody Sicard, Jaden Perry, Shane Sicard, Ware and Jamon Perry rounded out the top-10. In the season-long standings, Shane Sicard has an 18-point lead over Jaden Perry with one points-counting event remaining.

Andy Hill continued an impressive Late Model rookie campaign by taking his second win of the year. Hill followed Joel Hodgdon around leader Joey Laquerre to move up to the second spot after a lap-33 caution. The caution flew again one lap later for an incident involving Jon Savage and Marcel J. Gravel, re-stacking the field once again.

Hodgdon chose the outside line for the restart, but Hill surged ahead by using on the inside groove. Although Hodgdon dogged him the rest of the way, Hill fended the challenges off earn the victory.

Points leader Stacy Cahoon came in third. Alby Ovitt, Laquerre, Jeff Marshall, Quinny Welch, Mike Bailey, Oren Remick and Matthew Morrill finished fourth through 10th. Cahoon has a two-point lead over Remick with one event to go.

Damion Sicard came out on top of a thriller in the Kids Trucks event for his first win of the year. Sicard started on the outside pole alongside Logan Farnsworth and went wheel-to-wheel for nearly the entire 15-lap race.

After Sicard poked his bumper out front on lap 2, Farnsworth nosed back ahead until the white flag lap with McKenna Merchant, Owen Rogers and Thomas Smithers VI hot on their tails. As the field motored to the checkered flag, Sicard found just a little extra through the final corners and nipped Farnsworth by two-hundreths of a seconds. Merchant completed the podium.

1. Colin Cornell ( 54vt) E. Burke, VT 2. Michael Potter ( 23nh) Marshfield, VT 3. Danny Doyle ( 51vt) Randolph Ctr., VT 4. #Bryan Wall Jr. ( 77nh) East Kingston, NH 5. #Kasey Beattie ( 45nh) St.Johnsbury, VT 6. Jody Sicard ( 49nh) Barton, VT 7. Jaden Perry ( 92vt) Hardwick, VT 8. Shane Sicard ( 4nh) Barton, VT 9. Ryan Ware ( 32vt) Littleton, NH 10. Jamon Perry* ( 23vt) Hardwick, VT 11. Ben Belanger ( 99nh) Whitefield, NH 12. Jason Woodard ( 68vt) Waterbury Ctr., VT 13. Eric Messier ( 88ny) Hinesburg, VT 14. Michael Clark ( 2vt) Bethlehem, NH 15. Tanner Woodard ( 68nh) Waterbury Ctr., VT 16. Amanda Wheeler ( 20nh) Bradford, VT 17. David Ofsuryk ( 73vt) Derby Line, VT DNS #Keegan Lamson ( 55nh) Berlin, VT *Sub driver for Matthew Potter LATE MODELS Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown
1. #Anthony Hill ( 8vt) Waterford, VT 2. Joel Hodgdon ( 36vt) Craftsbury, VT 3. Stacy Cahoon ( 83vt) St. Johnsbury, VT 4. Alby Ovitt ( 35nh) Candia, NH 5. Joey Laquerre ( 15vt) E. Montpelier, VT 6. Jeff Marshall ( 32nh) Gilman, VT 7. Quinten Welch ( 78nh) Groveton, NH 8. Michael Bailey ( 1me) South Barre, VT 9. Oren Remick ( 21nh) Monroe, NH 10. Matthew Morrill ( 9nh) Moultonborough, NH 11. Matt Anderson ( 49nh) Andover, NH 12. Christian Laflamme ( 10me) Whitefield, NH 13. Max Dolliver ( 0nh) Londonderry, NH 14. Allie Menard ( 06nh) Dorchester, NH 15. Marcel J. Gravel ( 86vt) Wolcott, VT 16. Bill Donahue ( 31vt) Graniteville, VT 17. David LaBrecque ( 57nh) Thornton, NH 18. Jon Savage ( 18nh) Whitefield, NH 19. Will Avery ( 92nh) N. Woodstock, NH STRICTLY STOCK MINI SPECIAL Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown
1. Dustin Jackson* ( 88) Bethlehem, NH 2. Tyler Thompson ( 51) Littleton, NH 3. Brett Jackson ( 31) Bethlehem, NH 4. Jack Hayes ( 09) Littleton, NH 5. Jamie Ball ( 99) Passumpsic, VT 6. Gavin McGinnis ( 10) St. Johnsbury, VT 7. Todd Derrington ( 57) Littleton, NH 8. Donnie Baumgardner ( 14x) N. Woodstock, NH 9. Nick Pilotte* ( 18) Jefferson, NH 10. Brendan Clark ( 22) Dalton, NH 11. Joe Giddings ( 41) Waterford, VT 12. Keri Driscoll ( 91) N. Woodstock, NH 13. Dave Driscoll ( 19) N. Woodstock, NH 14. Tim Corey ( 10x) Whitefield, NH DNS Adam Sicard ( 16) Barton, VT DNS Les Washburn ( 11) Bethlehem, NH DNS Jillian Baumgardner ( 14) N. Woodstock, NH *Sub driver for Nicole Ouellette **Sub driver for Dan Savage KIDS TRUCKS Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown
1. Damion Sicard ( 23) Barton, VT 2. Logan Farnsworth ( 22) St. Johnsbury, VT 3. McKenna Merchant ( 99) 4. Owen Rogers ( 4) Glover, VT 5. Thomas Smithers, VI ( 24) Gilmanton, NH 6. Dominic Warren ( 9) Concord, VT

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