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Twinfield freshman Olivia Hogan drives to the hoop as Richford senior Hannah Hurtubise defends during the second half Thursday of the Trojans’ 39-30 win.

MARSHFIELD — Olivia Hogan may have been in foul trouble for most of the game, but when she was on the court, she made the most of her limited minutes, scoring a game-high 23 points to lead her Twinfield team to a 39-30 victory over visiting Richford on Thursday.

The Trojans had jumped out early in the first quarter, but the Rockets, led by guard Elizabeth Snider (seven points) and forward Cassie Greenwood, chipped away at their lead. A runner in the lane from Greenwood was followed by a three-point play from Snider that gave Richford their first lead of the game as they used a seven-point run to take the lead 13-12.

“I didn’t really like the way we played,” Twinfield coach Danielle LaPerle said. “It was a very different tempo game from what we’ve been playing ... I’m very fortunate to have the kind of players this year that I haven’t had in the past. Having that is a bit of a release valve when you know you can insert someone in who can go out and make a play or get a basket to turn things around instantly.”

As the first half was coming to a close, Hogan stepped up to nail a three-pointer that not only put the Trojans up 17-15, but gave her teammates a shot of confidence. Players play and coaches coach, but it takes everyone being on the same page to realize the task at hand. The Trojans would never relinquish the lead again.

“We came out in a bit of a slump and it wasn’t our best game early on,” Hogan said. “In the second quarter we started to work a bit harder defensively and that allowed us to get moving on the offensive end. I think we maybe overlooked this game a bit and got a little sloppy. We were in the middle of breaking the press towards the end of the half and Eva Hebert got in the way to stop the ball and it went up in the air for me to grab and I just let it go.”

Hogan raised her on-court value again to start the second half with a lefty scoop in which she also was fouled, setting up a three-point play that made it 20-15. With Hogan still in foul trouble on the bench, teammate Delaney Fowler picked up the slack by draining a three-pointer of her own just a few minutes later. After trading baskets for a bit, each team made their required late-game trips to the free-throw line where Twinfield was able to outlast their opponent.

“We had some turnovers that could have made some difference and we hustled hard,” Richford coach Tim Lagasse said. “We could’ve got a few more shots to fall but I think we had a good effort and did what we needed to do.”

Twinfield (3-4) will face Sharon Academy on Monday. Richford (0-3) will face People’s Academy.

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