A skier makes her way down the slalom course during an Alpine event last week.

BURKE — The St. Johnsbury boys defended their Alpine skiing state championship Tuesday, while the Woodstock girls claimed their first title since 2015.

Lyndon’s Lena Sauter and Burr and Burton’s Blake Greene claimed top individual honors in both the slalom and giant slalom races. Sauter posted a two-run GS time of 1 minutes, 45.26 seconds Monday, while Greene finished in 1:42. Green won Tuesday’s slalom event in 1:19.62, with Sauter prevailing in 1:25.06.

The St. Johnsbury boys did not have any giant slalom finishers in the top-five, but strong balance lifted the Hilltoppers to the best team result. Tommy Zschau (sixth, 1:44.38), Hugo Hong (seventh, 1:45.72), Camdyn Meigs (12th, 1:47.33) and Cody VanDine (16th, 1:50) paced the Hilltoppers, who opened up a 36-point lead over second-place Stowe during the opening day. The St. Johnsbury boys wrapped up the title with an eight-point win over second-place CVU in slalom. Zschau (seventh, 1:25.81), Cody VanDine (17th, 1:32.52), Leo Desrochers (21st, 1:33.57) and Meigs (22nd, 1:34.07) scored points.

Woodstock’s girls team finished with 23 points in GS, while CVU trailed by 32 points. The Redhawks beat the Wasps by 19 points in slalom but it wasn’t enough to overcome the early deficit. The Woodstock girls relied on one podium finish and three more top-10 results in GS. Scoring for the Wasps were Kelly Gebhardt (second, 1:45.51), Chloe Noble (seventh, 1:55.18), Taylor Blodorn (eighth, 1:55.21) and Alice Sperber (ninth, 1:55.54). The leaders in slalom were Gebhardt (second, 1:27.29), Noble (20th, 1:42.97), Blodorn (15th, 1:41.23) and Sperber (16th, 1:41.71).

Harwood and Stowe also showed off their team depth during both events at Burke Mountain Resort. Harwood’s fastest skiers in the girls GS race were Gretchen Kogut (13th, 1:57.62), Aliza Jernigan (20th, 1:59.23), Kelly Tynan (37th, 2:05.62) and Laili Iskandarova (40th, 2:06.52). Leading the way for the Stowe girls were Keely Levering-Fisher (26th, 2:01.67), Sarah Evans (42nd, 2:07.51), Wren Murphy (56th, 2:18) and Ashley McHugh (57th, 2:22.05).

Raimon Bleda-Vilal (fifth, 1:43.68) paced the Stowe boys in GS. He was followed by teammates Flynn Kearney (11th, 1:47.32), Anthony Marron (28th, 1:54.79) and Charlie Alexson (37th, 1:57.10). Harwood’s top GS athletes were Rex Rubinstein (third, 1:43.43), Aidan Melville (38th, 1:57.28), Sawyer Belongia (48th, 2:02.50) and Eli Moskowitz (49th, 2:03.43)

The Stowe boys carried their momentum into slalom, with Bleda (second, 1:23.21), Kearney (third, 1:23.21), Charlie Alexson (27th, 1:36.86) and Nick Mitchell (43rd, 1:46.34) setting the tone. For Harwood, Rubinstein (fourth, 1:25.47), Ely Kalkstein (16th, 1:32.41), Eli Moskowitz (35th, 1:39.63) and Eamon Gilhuly (39th, 1:42.15) helped their team stay competitive.

The Harwood girls relied on solid GS results from Kogut (eighth, 1:38.49), Tynan (19th, 1:42.53), Alayna Morelli (36th, 1:49.55) and Siena Mazer (40th, 1:53.48). Stowe features quality GS results from Levering-Fisher (23rd, 1:44.11), Murphy (49th, 1:59.26), Evans (52nd, 2:03.64) and McHugh (52nd, 2:03.64).

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