Late Model drivers Trampas Demers, center, and Jason Corliss, right, battle for position during an auto racing event.

The American-Canadian Tour announced the point system for the inaugural New England Late Model Challenge Cup.

The $3,000-to-win weekly racing championship will use a unique system that rewards drivers for their feature event performances based on finishing position, field size and positions gained.

As previously announced, a driver’s 10 best weekly feature performances at participating tracks will count toward their Challenge Cup point total. This includes weekly events at Thunder Road Speedbowl, White Mountain Motorsports Park, Star Speedway and Seekonk Speedway.

ACT Late Model Tour events and open events at these tracks are not eligible for NELMCC points. Once a driver has exceed 10 combined features at these tracks, subsequent events may replace a previous event if a higher point total is earned.

Eligible feature events will award two points per position up to a full-field maximum of 18 cars. For example, a 14-car feature will award 28 points for first, 26 points for second, 24 points for third and so on. An 18-car feature will award 36 points for first and 34 points for second. If the starting field exceeds 18 cars, all finishers from 18th place and farther back will receive two points apiece.

Four bonus points will be awarded for a feature win. One bonus point will also be awarded for every position a driver gains in a feature event compared to their starting position. If a driver starts 11th and finishes sixth, they will receive five bonus points in addition to their feature finish points.

If more than 18 cars start a feature, starters from the 19th spot and lower will use 18th as their starting spot for bonus point purposes. Drivers will not be penalized points if they lose positions during a feature.

“We created this system because we think it fits what the Challenge Cup is all about,” ACT managing partner Cris Michaud said. “It rewards doing well in larger fields and it rewards passing cars, which are two of the most exciting parts of racing. These things also give more incentive for drivers to travel. By increasing the field size at the track they travel to, they increase the maximum points they can earn. And by starting at the rear like new drivers usually do, they can get more passing points. It will certainly be fun for the fans watching top drivers from other tracks show up to try to come from the rear.”

The full point system outline and official entry form for the New England Late Model Challenge Cup are now available online. The deadline to register is April 24. Drivers who file their entry by March 2 will be entered into a drawing that awards two prizes of two free American Racer tires.

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