BARRE — Two Granite City residents are accused of breaking into a Barre Town home, and then turning themselves in. Billy Drummond, 23, and Kellsi Burroughs, 19, each pleaded not guilty Thursday in Washington County criminal court in Barre to a felony count of burglary into an occupied dwelling. If convicted, Drummond and Burroughs each face a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison. They were released on conditions. In an affidavit, Officer Damian L. Hook, of Barre Town police, said a burglary was reported on Messier Drive on May 9. Hook said he spoke with the residents who told him someone had gotten into their home through an unlocked rear door. They reported two HP laptops, an Xbox and two jars of change were stolen. The items were valued at $1,647. On May 19, Hook said he was informed by Barre City police that Drummond and Burroughs had turned themselves in for a crime. He said they admitted to burglarizing a home that matched the Messier Drive residence. Drummond said in a written statement that he entered the home from an unlocked door in the back and took the Xbox and computers and exited through a side door. He also noted that he came back to let a small black dog back inside the residence. Burroughs said in her statement that she drove Drummond to the home and drove away after he got back into the vehicle. Both Drummond and Burroughs said the home they broke into was near the former Dugout Restaurant, according to the affidavit. Hook said the burglary took place near the former Dugout and the residents there do own a small black dog. Hook said the pair also turned over the computers, though he didn't say what happened with the Xbox and the jars.

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