Bernie Sanders should not run for president. In fact, we beg him not to.

That is an unfavorable opinion, especially among most Vermonters and progressives who support the platform that has come to define him. But at this point, there are more things about another Sanders run at the White House that concern us than excite us.

In this space, we have repeatedly hit the senator on where his loyalties lay: Vermont or a bigger calling? We have asked him to make a choice, which he would argue was his recent re-election to Congress. But in his previous run for the presidency, Sanders, an independent who ran for the White House as a Democrat, missed dozens of votes that likely would have helped Vermonters. And, while he handily defeated his challenger, can Vermonters point to Sanders’ record and say definitively, “This is what he’s done for us?”

While he makes regular visits “home,” you are more likely to catch Sanders on Colbert, CNN or MSNBC than you are to see him talking to reporters here in Vermont. Evidently, microphones here don’t extend far enough.

But that’s not our greatest concern. We fear a Sanders run risks dividing the well-fractured Democratic Party, and could lead to another split in the 2020 presidential vote. There is too much at stake to take that gamble. If we are going to maintain a two-party system, the mandate needs to be a clear one. There is strength in numbers, and if anything has been shown in recent years, it is that unless tallies are overwhelming, there can always be questions or challenges raised over what “vote totals” really mean: popular vote vs. Electoral College results.

For us, this comes down to principle over ego. It is one thing to start a revolution, but at a certain point you need to know when to step out of the way and let others carry the water for you.

Sanders is a self-described socialist and a New Deal-era American progressive, who is pro-labor and emphasizes reversing economic inequality. He has developed a noteworthy following.

And, there have been progressive candidates, many of whom have been running under Sanders’ “revolution” banner (and with his endorsement) who are spreading the tenets of Sanders’ decades-old agenda: Rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure; reversing climate change; creating worker co-ops; growing the trade-union movement; raising the minimum wage; pay equity for women workers; trade policies that benefit American workers; making college affordable for all; taking on Wall Street; health care as a human right; protecting the most vulnerable Americans; and tax reform.

As a platform, it is massive. As a candidate, Sanders is exhausting.

All signs point to another run, even with accusations this week that Sanders’ campaign staff, during the 2016 run, engaged in sexist remarks, as well as claims of poor treatment and lower pay for women.

According to the New York Times this week, “Now, as the Vermont senator tries to build support for a second run at the White House, his perceived failure to address this issue has damaged his progressive bona fides, delegates and nearly a dozen former state and national staff members said in interviews over the last month.

“And it has raised questions among them about whether he can adequately fight for the interests of women, who have increasingly defined the Democratic Party in the Trump era, if he runs again for the presidential nomination in 2020,” a Times article notes.

In an interview Wednesday night on CNN, Sanders said he was proud of his 2016 campaign. “I’m not going to sit here and tell you that we did everything right, in terms of human resources,” he said. “I certainly apologize to any woman who felt she was not treated appropriately, and of course, if I run we will do better the next time.”

Asked by Anderson Cooper if he knew about the staff complaints, he said, “I was a little bit busy running around the country trying to make the case.” That response alone is inexcusable and insulting.

In recent weeks, a Facebook group for Sanders campaign alumni has become a sounding board for complaints about harassment, lewd comments and gender discrimination. Politico first reported on the claims.

And while none of the staff accusations have been levied against Sanders himself, his personality is abrasive. He is known to be difficult to work with. The 77-year-old can be bombastic and prickly. He can be dismissive and rude in his arrogance. You are either with Bernie Sanders or you are not.

That no-nonsense approach and his politics are endearing to many. But it is as extreme, on the other end of the spectrum in its policy elbow-throwing and idealism, as what we face today from the right in their standard bearer, Donald Trump.

Taken together — ego, electoral math, a tired message and a prickly media darling — Sanders is convincing himself that he’s the person who can win the White House in 2020. We are not convinced he should.

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Corporate America is scared to death of the thought of President Bernie Sanders. He can't be bought. Thats why we love him, and thats why you hate him.


Republican bankers / media elites now own this "local" paper. I did some research. Ms. Marlene K. Sample serves as the Chairman of Sample Media – MSK, Inc. and President of ATJ Printing, Inc. of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. Ms. Sample has been a Director of CBT Financial Corp., since 2011 and for its subsidiary Clearfield Bank & Trust Company Inc. Ms. Sample earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the Pennsylvania State University. So there you go. Elites don't want to pay their fair share of taxes so they buy up papers and push their big money interests in the guise of "local wisdom".


Warning readers: This "local" paper is now owned and operated by the The Sample News Group out of Corry PA which is controlled by a wealthy family that includes a Republican former member of the House of Representatives. Looks like it's now owned by corporate/Republican elites. So of course they don't want Sanders to run for (and win) the Presidency. They would have to start paying their fair share of taxes and we already know the owners of this paper don't want that. Mystery solved. Next. #Bernie2020 #PowerToThePeople


Upon further research, the owner of this paper is also a heavily involved in the financial industry. Ms. Marlene K. Sample serves as the Chairman of Sample Media – MSK, Inc. and has also been a Director of CBT Financial Corp., since 2011 and for its subsidiary Clearfield Bank & Trust Company Inc. There was a merger of Riverview Financial Corporation ("Riverview") (OTCQX: RIVE), headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and CBT Financial Corp. ("CBT") (OTC PINK: CBTC), headquartered in Clearfield, Pennsylvania So there you go. Financial industry elites don't want to pay their fair share of taxes so they buy up papers and push their big money interests in the guise of "local wisdom".


To assert that Bernie Sanders' approach and politics are as extreme as Donald Trump's automatically disqualifies your piece from serious consideration. It looks to me like you have made an attempt to prejudge the upcoming Democratic contest by using blatant propaganda. The possible field includes a number of potentially outstanding candidates including Sanders. The purpose of a presidential primary is to allow voters to make a reasoned choice as to whom is the best of them without regard to ad hominem attacks such as yours. Let the contest begin!


From a Virginia who loves Vermont: Bern, Baby, Bern!...and Times-Argus, be wary of cascading sparks in the wind.


Wake up, there is already a divide among the democratic party! I too signed up simply to write this and tell the Times Argus that they are just worried that Bernie or some progressive might win, and I'd like to ask. As a fellow Vermonter, I'm disappointed, will never again read your untrustworthy "news" and I'd like to also ask what parent corporation owns you? I'll be starting a local smear campaign/boycott. All in favor?


Are you kidding me?? You are asking for a candidate to NOT run in a primarily?! Do you know how undemocratic that is? Why isn’t any other candidate not at risk of “fracturing” the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is Broken!! Your establishment bias is showing. Watch yourself.


After you in the media gave Trump *billions* more in media coverage because you cared more about your bottom line than your own country I don't think any of you are qualified to tell the American people who should run. I hope your owners at Richner Communications enjoy their tax breaks while they can because the revolution is coming.



I made this account just to comment on this story. I just want to tell the board that they should keep this anti-Bernie rhetoric going. Because the more they push neo-liberal bullshit the less we want it.



We recently moved to Vermont to retire. We could have lived anywhere and we chose to live here. This "hometown" editorial makes me wonder if we did the right thing. When a paper is bought out by a conglomerate, it is no longer a hometown paper and this editorial does not reflect Vermont as I have come to know it.
This attack is unbelievable. What is it based on? By their own arguments they admit Bernie has a huge following, but their conclusions are pure establishment talking points.
Both political parties are fractured because neither party represent the people. If the Dems put up another corporatist, neo-liberal (Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Joe Biden, Eric Holder, etc.) They will lose again.
We can unite over policies and not let personal attacks by the corporatist, establishment press distract and divide us. The issues must lead the discussion.

Rod Hamme

You’re a small town paper. Maybe Sanders has a higher calling that transcends the needs of one state, or nation. Like, you know, the leader of the free world? What he’s accomplished no politician has, ever. All who come now are copying his ideas. The people demand it. He’s even leading. You don’t have the standing to make the claim you did. It was unethical. You’re not on his level yet presume to be. You may have just relegated your paper to the dustbin. No one will take your “editorial” seriously.


They are not a small town paper. They are owned by a big media company who's director is also director of a big financial corporation in PA. They give money to lots of corporate democrats but are clearly afraid of a truly progressive movement.

Robert Woke

[Note: Someone didn't like my first version of this post, and it was taken down within an hour. Here's the watered-down version.]
Where to begin? What a mess you have published here!
1. Bernie Sanders, as even you had to admit, is beloved by a large majority of Vermonters. The "What has he done for us?" is absurd. You say it is not your biggest concern, yet you lead with it. Maybe because the rest of the issues you raise have an even weaker relationship with the truth? 2. The Democratic Party is divided all right--between the corporatists and those who want the party to serve the people. Bernie is the leader of the second group. You say "there is too much at stake to gamble." What is at stake–the corporate grip on the USA? Let it fracture!
3. Ego? Spare me! Bernie Sanders is the least egotistical of all the serious contenders for president in either party. He cares about policy, policy, policy. Oh, and saving the planet Earth's from climate catastrophe. Yeah, what an egotist!
4. You describe Sanders' platform as "massive". Yup. That list of his ideas that you gave is exactly what we need, NOW. With absolutely nothing to support it, you say that as a candidate, Sanders is "exhausting." You mean he has more energy than a lot of people half his age? Correct. 5. As to the charges of sexism among campaign staffers, who knows? He apologized. A talking point has been made up, asserting that his statement that he was "busy running around the country trying to make the case" is "inexcusable and insulting." Bernie's "mistake" here was being truthful and forthright. Of course he was overwhelmingly occupied with running for president, and of course he was not sitting around watching the behavior of over 1000 staff members.
6. He's prickly? You mean he does not buy into the malarkey of the so-called mainstream? You mean he doesn't suffer fools gladly? We should all be so prickly!
This editorial is pure, dishonest propaganda, as numerous other comments have noted. It's sad. The Times Argus was not always like this.


Republican bankers / media elites now own this "local" paper. I did some research. Ms. Marlene K. Sample serves as the Chairman of Sample Media – MSK, Inc. and President of ATJ Printing, Inc. of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. Ms. Sample has been a Director of CBT Financial Corp., since 2011 and for its subsidiary Clearfield Bank & Trust Company Inc. Ms. Sample earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the Pennsylvania State University.


I read your opinion and disagree. I think Sanders should run again and I think he could well win. I'm not sure why you are so against his running...your argument seems to be a smidgen weak...and arguably seem to be grasping at straws...

Robert Woke

Where to begin? What a stinking mess you have published here!
1. Bernie Sanders, as even you had to admit, is beloved by a large majority of Vermonters. The "What has he done for us?" question doesn't pass the smell test. You say it is not your biggest concern, yet you lead with it. That's because all your "real" concerns are utterly bogus.
2. The Democratic Party is divided all right--between the shills elected by corporate cash and those who want the party to serve the people. Bernie is the leader of the second group. You say "there is too much at stake to gamble." What is at stake–the corporate grip on the USA? Let it fracture!
3. Ego??? Spare me! Bernie Sanders is the least egotistical of all the serious contenders for president in either party. He cares about policy, policy, policy. Oh, and saving the planet Earth's from climate catastrophe. Yeah, what an egotist!
4. You describe Sanders' platform as "massive". Yup. That list of his ideas that you gave is exactly what we need, NOW. With absolutely nothing to support it, you say that as a candidate, Sanders is "exhausting." You mean he has more energy than a lot of people half his age? Correct. Get some exercise. Go out and cover him, fairly, instead of making up this junk.
5. As to the charges of sexism among campaign staffers, who knows? He apologized. A talking point has been made up, asserting that his statement that he was "busy running around the country trying to make the case" is "inexcusable and insulting." Bernie's "mistake" here was being truthful and forthright. Of course he was overwhelmingly occupied with running for president, and of course he was not sitting around watching the behavior of over 1000 staff members. Be serious.
6. He prickly? You mean he does not buy BS? You mean he doesn't suffer "journalistic" fools gladly? We should all be so prickly!
Your editorial is pure, dishonest propaganda. You have become just another corporate-owned outlet for establishment malarkey. It's sad. The Times Argus was not always like this.


Excellent comment. I would add, though, that Bernie is loved by a majority of people in this country, not just residents of Vermont. I myself am from New Orleans, LA, and used to live in New Mexico. I can almost guarantee that Bernie would carry New Mexico. Anyway, I heard about this editorial on CNN. I had a negative visceral reaction to it. However, newspapers love controversy and attention. I’m sure the management is wallowing in even the negative comments. I know. I was a reporter once. Well, things will probably get nastier. Powerful forces, both Republican and Democrat, don’t want Bernie to run. We’ve already had the harassment propaganda and now this editorial. It will get worse. Bernie supporters must remain steadfast. I am convinced, as I was in ‘16, that even if Bernie runs as an Independent he will win. He’s no Ralph Nader. If the Dems do not nominate Bernie, but he runs anyway, the Dem nominee will fall into insignificance. I am convinced of this. Look, Biden voted with W and Big Banks on bankruptcy “reform.” Big money influence, I’d say. That was a low blow to the little guy. We can’t have that. Elizabeth Warren. She simply co-opted Bernie’s platform. Perhaps she could be Bernie’s running mate, maybe later President. I know FDR and Huey Long didn’t get along well. But those are the types of people we now need. They understood, especially Huey, the rip-off behind capitalism run amock. Americans, like people in Norway and Denmark, need to start enjoying their lives. No more living paycheck to paycheck with no safety net in sight. John Lennon asked, “Why in the world are we here?” His answer: “Surely not to live in pain and fear.” You might say he was a dreamer. But nowadays he sure as heck isn’t the only one. It’s time for instant karma to hit the US right in the eye. Please note: The above statement is not nearly as strong as the first draft, due to editorial restrictions.


How is it this editorial is dated Jan 5 and several Bernie bashing comments are dated Jan 4? Getting a head start coordinating your attack Bernie piece, or did the bots from "Correct the Record" or whatever it's called now, not get the memo to accurately date the auto-posts?


Bernie Sanders while appealing to many will not become President. Bernie Sanders has been given a pass and the spotlight has been on others. Vermont is not being fully and fairly represented when Sanders or others run for an office using their current office. Progressives in new Congress are lining up. Sanders will not be relevant.


By your standards who can run, only losers? Where are all the editorials saying these current members of Congress shouldn't run because their states won't be fairly represented? Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar, Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren - DON'T RUN! That leaves Democrats only these losers: Beto O'Rourke (lost to Ted Cruz) Joe Biden (lost 2 past Presidential primaries in 1988 and 2008), and last but not least the ultimate loser who just lost to an orange clown, Hilary Clinton! If none of them, then I guess we're stuck with Wall Street Billionaire, champion of big business, ex Republican Michael Bloomberg? Wow! Let's get this party started !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am appalled by the audacity of the lies and propaganda in this article. You have just convinced me to work this time on Bernie’s Campaign. #OneDoesNotSimplyUnfeelTheBern


The coordinated attack on Bernie has really ramped up this week. This is article falls under "too silly to criticize". I particularly like the part where they say Bernie, the leader of a revolution, should hand control over to those who he is rebelling against. Let us try to make this clear editorial board. Trump is a symptom of the problem but you and the rest of the establishment are the problem. If Bernie (or maybe warren) is not the nominee I will vote for more Trump chaos and not for the war machine and corrupt corporate democrats.

Just Truth

On your masthead, it looks like Vermont. That's misleading, your paper is owned by an out of state conglomerate. It also gives the impression, falsely, that "Vermont" is somehow weighing in on this important issue. Instead of undercutting a truth teller, I suggest you do an in depth article on the way media has changed since a lot of these small papers were bought up and consolidated. Just be straight and upfront.


[thumbup] It's worse than that my friend. The ownership (Sample News Group) and the group of local papers it took over from Joseph F. Biddle Publishing Company in 1991, have deep ties to the establishment via the Republican party. Just google both news groups and the names George Raymond Sample, Jr. and Joseph F. Biddle. Despite claims about focusing on local issues, these conglomerate papers aren't interested in looking out for the local folks in Vermont. That's just PR propaganda. They are clearly in the business of promoting the establishment.


What point are you making? Bernie Sanders has been given a national pass and Vermonters want someone representing them in the Senate not a high mileage traveler. Sanders will not ever be President. The paper's opinion is simply that. We can agree or disagree. Sanders should not run for President.



How about that

Senator Sanders is the most popular Socialist in the Democrat Party.

How about that

During the Democrat National Nomination Campaign prior to the Democrat Convention Bernie did not have enough Votes to garner the Nomination He refused to drop out but gained tremendous popularity from his Socialist Political viewpoints that it overshadowed Hillary's bid to win the Presidency. This is what I feel cost her the Election.
I did not Vote for Hillary and would not had Voted Bernie if he had won the Nomination.


How’s this: Either Bernie runs for President or I don’t vote. If that total hypocrite, Banker Biden, runs, I might just consider voting for Trump! I can understand Vermonters wanting full-time representation. Don’t worry. You’ll get it as soon as you elect a new Senator, after Bernie wins the White House.


This editorial is moronic. Bernie Sanders is the most authentic politician in the United States, and you don't want him to run? No one is better for the job of President than Bernie Sanders, who has an impeccable record for fighting for the people. This is a moronic editorial.


Bernie is not that great. Look at his absentee rate in the Senate.


Heck with this article - terrible advice. Run Bernie Run - you reshaped the conversation, you put forth pragmatic and practical ideas and you showed us that Compassion still has a voice in Government. Don't listen to these guys - it's apparent they haven't been paying attention.


This is where progressive/liberals "eat their own." Liberal are notorious for "looking for love in all the wrong places". . "can't see the forest for the trees" . . "grasp at low hanging fruit." This throwing Bernie under the bus, because he's not perfect. has been revealed. What. . do you want him to do, fall prostrate before the #METOO movement and beg forgiveness? We already lost one of the most progressive Senators in Al Franken due to the #METOO movement, and many other progressives, that didn't deserve to be thrown under the bus. And I'm sorry Vermonters you feel your senator missed some votes while campaigning for President, but that's how it works. It's called "a price." Bernie has all of the perfect ideas for a progressive nation. OK, maybe he's old, maybe he's crotchety, but seriously. . he wasn't emphatic enough about the allegations of sexism in his campaign???! I would be more concerned about his age, but if he runs a solid young VP, like Warren, Harris, Newsome. . it shouldn't be a problem. Stop destroying the progressive movement and the Dem party.
"Republicans want to win. . Democrats want to be right." This is why we lose elections!


I thought you made solid points in addressing his capacity to serve the needs of Vermont's citizens. As a local paper, that's an agenda that you should be primarily concerned with.

But then, the Politico report citing his campaign's alleged shortcomings regarding staff issues, that was tailor-made for a gender war. You've taken that bait, and swallowed it lustily. Isn't it interesting that it echoes all the same non-issue tactics that Correct The Record wallowed in beginning in 2015? Isn't it strange that these stories are only now surfacing?

You folks really showed your hand by remarking on his personality. You don't like his style as a person, so you just thought that you'd point out that (you think) he's a jerk. Really? REALLY?? Your priorities are your fee fees hurting? When you have spoken with him directly, does he expect you to be friendly journalists? Do you discuss political matters (or his personality) in ways that allow him to trust you and your intentions? Or does he perhaps maintain a guarded approach, remembering that you approach your jobs in an adversarial roles, looking for any small opening to criticize him, like 2 year old staffing complaints, or the way he speaks during interviews?

This all just goes to show that news reporters editors can be just as emotionally driven and gullible as their readers.



Bernie was asked about sexual allegations or facts and he said he was too busy to know about it. Give me a break. He will never be elected president.


Well, you got what you wanted with your controversial article, Times Argus. I made an account just so that I could comment on how wrong you are.

President Bernie Sanders would be the best thing to happen to this country since FDR. If you want us to remain a two party system, then I guess you'd better hop on the Bernie train fast, because it's leaving the platform. Support him as the democratic candidate. If not, be prepared for a fractured party, because I am NOT voting for the Hillary Clinton fan club again. If Bernie were to create a third party of Democratic Socialists to run against both the Democrats and the Republicans (and be taken just as seriously, unlike the Libertarians or the Greens), then I would be ecstatic. I'm sure you know about George Washington's warning against two-party systems, but if not, then you should. He knew this day would come, when we were so divided that we could no longer work together. It has been this way twice. The first time, we had a civil war over it. Washington was right. This isn't working.

A two-party system is hardly democratic anyway. It might as well be a one-party system with how anti-progressive both parties seem to be. Nothing ever really changes. We just alternate between minor progress (to catch up with Europe) and worship of the rich every 4-8 years. Then the cycle repeats again. If nothing else, at least Bernie would send a message to the world that we aren't all braindead. We would get something good out of it, and probably a lot more than that. If he was the democratic candidate, I would practically camp outside the voting booth to make sure I got to cast my ballot. I can't say the same for any other candidate. They aren't nearly as hopeful. Bernie Sanders 2020!


I was infuriated by the tone-deafness of this article, until I read the comments:

More than 3 to 1 commentors in favor of Sanders. Mainstream Democratic organizations still aren't getting the message: Corporatist democrats are the ones dividing the Democratic base. HILLARY is the main reason Hillary couldn't get elected.

Democratic candidates with a history of neglecting progressive policy-making are killing the Democratic party, not the progressive candidates, who centrists lack the chutzpah to support. In 2016, Hillary was the spoiler, not Bernie.

Bernie Sanders is FAR from perfect, but I'll still vote for him rather than Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, if the Dems can't get it together to nominate a real progressive candidate.




If anyone is abrasive, divisive, dismissive, and rude with arrogance it's Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders will unite Americans from across the spectrum! #Bernie2020


Wow, this article and the comments are really a reach. Sanders is not a multimillionaire like most in congress, he owns three houses, not mansions. He flys commercial airlines , he didn't go into hiding when he lost the primary like Clinton did when she lost...he kept working for all Americans. At his age he runs circles around people much younger than him. Does he have multiple lawsuits against It is funny that all the "problems" being reported now didn't come up during his campaign when it would have done the most damage. It's almost as if the powers that be are concerned that he could win and have started the mudslinging very early. Is he perfect, well no one is...but compared to what we have in the White House and Congress he has a 40 year history of consistently fighting for the average American. that's 99% of us, not just for the wealthy, corporations and wealthy donors because he doesn't take donations from corporations, just the people he represents...the way the framers of the Constitution envisioned.

1BoardwalkAngel Forever

I can't believe that the editor of this paper allowed this article to be written and published! It's bad enough that Bernie gets torn apart by Politico, but a Vermont paper as well.

Wake up people!!! Many of us are sick and tired of the Establishment Democrats who openly stole the nomination from Bernie in 2016. He was probably THE ONLY Candidate who could have beaten trump, and the DNC screwed it up.

We want Medicare For All, a livable wage $15/hr minimum wage, free state and community college education and a Green New Deal. That's exactly what Bernie will do for economically depressed Vermont!!! I don't know what is wrong with you that you can't see that!

You bring you the treatment of some staff members as if he did that himself. He most certainly did not. He couldn't possibly handle everything, and perhaps he put his trust in the wrong people to run the human resources end of his campaign. He's promised to do better should he run again. The Facebook Page for whining previous staffers should be deplatformed as hateful. Instead drop him an email, tell him what happened and I'm sure that you will get the reply that you crave (or do you just crave attention) because I always get answers when I email him.

Maybe we must break the 2 party system in order to fix our country which has declined into an oligarchy and is sliding towards fascism due to trump.

Bernie is still physically fit to do the job certainly in much better shape than trump.

I want a true Progressive candidate who will put in place Social Democracy Policies and Plans. The uber wealthy and corporations need to pay their fair share of taxes not get a free ride on the back of the middle class and the working poor, elderly and disabled.

Please print a retraction and an apology! What will Bernie Sanders do for Vermont, SERIOUSLY????

I wouldn't use your paper to line the bottom of a birdcage. It's nothing but rubbish.


What kind of propigands post is this? You bought and paid for already by the establishment? Of course you are. Look ..Bernie Sanders is not only the People's President but the most popular politician in the world for good reason. What kind of propoganda machine do you have going here? Bernie sends one email out and millions send him money. He is the voice of the people and anyone who thinks otherwise is ill-informed, not very bright or a paid troll for the opposition. Remove this trash from the internet ...the only good that came from it is exposing your site as bought and paid for by the elite running the DNC against the people and hence against the People's President BERNIE SANDERS. #BERNIE2020


"...his personality is abrasive. He is known to be difficult to work with. The 77-year-old can be bombastic and prickly. He can be dismissive and rude in his arrogance."

You would've hated Teddy then!


Who says "we" want " maintain a two-party system..."?


Everyone is entitled to their opinion but in this situation your opinion it's a terrible idea. If you want four more years of immoral and destructive policies policies then you should just say so. Bernie is the only candidate that truly represent the American people here to not in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry or Wall Street or big Pharmaceutical by encouraging him not to run you work guaranteeing us, the people, a disastrous future. If the D and she had not rigged their superdelegates against burning in 2016 we would not be in this mess. If anything should be learned from the last presidential election that people will not vote for covetous war-mongering candidates. The lesser of two evils it's not an option for some of us. This article is disgraceful. There is not another candidate who is more qualified then Senator Sanders. Please print an apology and fire whoever wrote that garbage. If we get a candidate like Biden Booker O'Rourke or even Clinton I can tell you many will go green party and many will go libertarian. Dividing the vote and ensuring four more years of trump.

Small d democrat

Even though I do not live in Vermont, I took the time to register here so I could comment on this misguided editorial. Since you’ve received so few comments and since you’ve apparently never supported Senator Sanders, I hope you won’t mind.

If the DNC and others had not illegally conspired to deny Senator Sanders the nomination he so rightly deserved by committing election fraud in 9+ primaries, we would now be blessed with President Sanders and oh what a different world this would now be. Senator Sanders NEVER lost a head to head poll against Mad King Cheato (aka Trump), winning some by double digits. On the other hand, Hillary NEVER polled outside the margin of error against MKC and even lost some polls to him. She didn’t lose the general election (the same fraud methods used for her in the primaries were used against her in the general election) but her loss was at least plausible. That would not have been the case with Senator Sanders.

Senator Sanders is the closest politician to FDR that the Democratic Party has seen in decades and he is the most moral candidate we’ve fielded since Jimmy Carter. As for his age, he’s two years younger than Speaker Pelosi and she’s now third in line for the Presidency. I wholeheartedly support Senator Sanders in seeking to win the nomination and election that, in a functioning world, he would have done in 2016. May we all be so fortunate.

Bernie 2020. If not before.


Amen! Even my conservative grandma will vote blue if Bernie is the candidate.


It's essential that Bernie Sanders run. If you don't understand he's the candidate that can turn America around, you're not understanding anything. Neoliberalism's protectionism of corporate and elite wealth got us into this mess and was the catalyst for the growth of the far right movement in America that is a push back to the greatest wealth gap between the haves and have nots America has ever known.

The choice is stark. If you want more fascism down the road, vote for another neoliberal (or another Trump). All the other candidates are likely to be neoliberal at this point, either openly so, or more likely you'll have to dig to find that information.

However, if you want to see America bridge the income divide, narrow the wealth gap, provide healthcare for those who currently die because they can't afford it, and provide solutions that will satiate the fury of the have nots by addressing basic needs, then Bernie is the only candidate.

If Bernie doesn't win, God Help America.


Your just a newspaper, a.k.a. a CORPORATION!!!!! Why should a corporation have ANYTHING to say about who should or should not run????


What a bunch of BBBBBBBBBBBBBBSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ask the Times Argus...…...which one of the "six" media conglomerates are you owned by???????????? That's one of the problems in a nutshell everyone is B-ing about!!!!!

Ann Coco

Bernie Sanders is the only one I trust. He supports policies I believe in. The others have coopted his ideas but I have no confidence they will do what they say once in office. I have been a loyal democrat for 5 decades... volunteering, contributing financially, voting in every election... etc... and I am tired of dems that break promises and don't fight for the people while taking money from big oil, the financial institutions, and health insurance campanies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. I believe in Bernie because he has been consistent, fights for what he believes in(things I believe in) and doesn't take corporate money. Why would I take a risk for someone else when I can have someone I trust and that excites me and millions of others. He is the most popular politician in this country .... so if you want to beat Trump.... if it is really about that... then why would you not support him? Unless perhaps it makes the corporate sponsors unhappy. In the end, let everyone run who wants to run and lets see who the people want. Isn't that how it is supposed to be? Otherwise, our primaries and caucuses are one very expensive facade that we can't afford. This time, though, lets make sure that it is a fair fight. That is all I ask... no cheating this time.


So tired of the false "fair fight" trope. That is part of the reason we have trump in office now.


The man has fought for equal pay for women when almost nobody else was doing it. So I look at this attack as an orchestrated attack making a mountain out of a molehill. I look at most of this as right wing attempts to stop him. Do the democrats want to disown Bernie, and then have him run as a third party candidate? I don't think he would do that, because he made it clear during his campaign that it was about the "we" and not the "me". About the "us" and not about the "I". But the talk about him hijacking the democratic party to run as a democrat is idiotic. It may have made a lesser man, in 2016, run as a third party candidate. People need to think, and also see from where the attacks are orchestrated. I do not want to see age discrimination, but I think folks do need to take into consideration Bernie's age as well as Biden's. The democrats have quite a few potential good candidates, lets not have them dwindle down, before they get the opportunity to go forward. This article in the Argus is basically a hit piece, and does not serve the population well. I know it is just opinion, but lets not be so nit-picky with the democrats, and allow a republican in office, who is obscene in so many ways, all the time.

Voting Goat Girl

And the Binders Award goes to the Senator from Vermont!

Bernie, in response to these allegations: “I’m not going to sit here and tell you that we did everything right, in terms of human resources. I certainly apologize to any woman who felt she was not treated appropriately, and of course if I run we will do better the next time.” Why didn't he know about these issues, which were reported? "I was a little bit busy."

1. We don't give out cookies for not defending bad behavior.

2. Women are not "human resources."

3. Apologizing to "any woman who felt" is binders. Your mistreated employees are not a hypothetical category. Apologize to "THE women who."

4. And not just THE women, specific women. Real apologies happen in person, not in the media.

5. "Was treated" —by whom? Passive voice enables the subjects of the sentence to evacuate the building.

6. "FELT she was treated." Women who were paid less and harassed didn't "FEEL" they were treated inappropriately. They were factually subjected, in their workplace, to harassment and pay inequality, which may have been illegal.

7. "OF COURSE, we will..." Of course? It is self-understood that leadership that didn't cure known problems in the past, will do so in the future?

8. " better NEXT TIME." So you're framing the harassment/unequal pay of female employees as... a 2020 campaign OPTICS issue? Bernie, do better NOW. Stand beside these women, listen as they talk, thank them, and announce concrete plans for creating equality in your staff, policies, appointments, and mode of governance. Repeated, vocal, ERA support.

9. "I was busy." Welcome back, taxes fudge! Plus, the sarcasm in "I was A LITTLE BIT busy" embeds contempt towards those who would dare to suggest that a man scaling tall buildings would also be expected to create a fair workplace.

10. If you're too busy to notice or respond to inequality in a structure you created from scratch, why should we think you the best potential manager of the United States of America?


One would think a newspaper would encourage the Democrats improve their platform by informing the public as is their duty rather than spend time trying to dictate who enters the race. The 2016 Dem platform was: pro-TPP, pro-fracking, against reinstating Glass-Steagall. Americans were overwhelmingly against the TPP, but all corporate media could do was censor talk of it. Even PBS played that game. It’s the voters right to decide, it’s Sanders right to enter, and it’s the duty of the press to inform, not control.


I have two requirements to vote for someone.

1) They must be qualified to do the job.
2) They must be the closest aligned to me politically of the people running who are qualified to do the job.

For both Trump and Sanders I don't even get to the policy analysis stage because their failings are matters of character, temperament, honesty, social IQ, and general leadership skills. They both have unhappy staff with the main difference being that Trump beats people to the punch and fires them before they can quit. Half the staff of Our Revolution, for example, quit on *the very first day* because they joined on the condition that Jeff Weaver wouldn't be involved and then Bernie introduced them to their new boss, Jeff Weaver! It isn't just women being groped that Bernie doesn't listen to.

The biggest responsibility a President has is appointing other people to do all the things. This is why humility and people skills are absolutely key in a president. They don't *do* anything themselves, it's all about who they select for various jobs. Both Trump and Bernie have a broad streak of narcissism and don't seem to be able to differentiate between competence and flattery. Bernie exacerbates this with strong anti-expert tendencies (see his statements about wanting to appoint farmers to run the federal reserve and his lifelong promotion of fake medicines such as Naturopathy) while Trump exacerbates it with ... lets call it profit motive. Both are very bad. And not in a way where you can tell which is worse. What will be more destructive, well meaning idiocy or uninterested profiteering? Who knows! You can't "lesser evil" incompetent candidates because you can't make reasonable guesses as to what an incompetent candidate will do.

Both Trump and Sanders are generally unwilling to take suggestions, process constructive criticism, or solicit the opinions of experts. They both believe that they already know everything they need to know and resort to personal attacks when faced with dissent (or even insufficient displays of devotion). Trump's derogatory nicknames and slander of anyone who criticizes him is no different than Sander's reflexive declarations of "not progressive" and slander of anyone who stands in his way. Remember that no good, corrupt, "establishment", organization that didn't endorse Bernie? Planned Parenthood? Me Too. Neither man pauses to consider that any point of view other than their own might be valid. Neither worries that there may be any salient facts they don't know that suggest a different approach.

When they do accidentally stumble over a cool thing they like, both happily slap their names on it without giving credit to the person who had the idea first. Such as when Democrats were sponsoring a bill to end for-profit federal prisons and Bernie took to Huffington post to write about this great progressive idea that he was all about - ending for profit federal prisons!

That article would have been a great place to mention that a bill to do just that was already sponsored in the House - H.R.6113 - maybe do a shout out to Rep Bonnie Coleman (D-NJ-12) who sponsors it Every Single Year? Or hey, maybe mention that great bills like this are routinely killed in committee with Speaker Ryan calling the shots so it is very important that Dems take the House? Anything useful? Even the most rudimentary team building? No? Instead we add a section about how industry lobbyists have money and imply that everyone but Bernie is corrupt with clear point being made as to which team takes this money and which team doesn't ... you really don't need a policy explanation for why Bernie's coworkers don't like him.

Which brings me to praise. Praise is an important leadership skill. It is OK and good to call out problems, but leaders also need to give credit where credit is due. Trump and Bernie both only spontaneously (so thanking the hosts for this event doesn't count) praise others in response to being praised or to tear a third person down in comparison. In neither scenario is their praise sincere or credible. So for example Bernie praised Tulsi Gabbard and Trump praised David Duke because both endorsed them at a time when no one else would. Duke is the head of the KKK while Gabbard has a scary love of droning brown people and went on right wing talk circuits to complain about Obama not using the phrase "Islamic Terrorism" enough. I was listening to Trump being interviewed on NPR when the Duke endorsement came in and when told he said, "that's great!" and the host paused and delicately asked "Do you know who David Duke is?" to which Trump replied that he knew David Duke was saying nice things about him. What more does he need to know? I don't think Bernie hates Islam the way Gabbard does. But I doubt very much that his knowledge of her extends much beyond, "She was the first superdelegate to declare for me".

What more, after all, does he need to know? He is the cause, the cause is him, supporting him = supporting the cause. SoS Gabbard! Why not? She flatters Bernie so she must be qualified.


And completely unrelated to his politics.

I have no problem with progressive goals and have been a progressive for a long time. My problem is with that man specifically. He is going to run for the exact same reason that Trump didn't stop holding rallies after he won. He's addicted to the worship/adulation. If he cared about the cause he'd throw his weight behind Warren or Beto. They are qualified. I'd vote for them if they got the nom.

Larry St Croix

This deserves to be submitted as an OpEd It is both thoughtful and thought provoking.

I voted for Bernie in the primary despite his flaws, because of his progressive goals. In the general election I voted for Hilary because she was infinitely preferable to what we ended up with.

I am 70, I know I am slowing down Call me ageist if you want but I am not going to vote for anybody, male or female my age or older. It looks like we will have a good field of younger candidates to choose from. I would personally like to see both Bernie and Elizabeth Warren remain in the Senate to support our next Democratic President. He or she is going to have a Herculean task cleaning up the mess,

Voting Goat Girl

Age is the #1 problem. I want someone in their late 50s who does not have young kids and yet at the same time isn't already facing decline. Which Bernie patently IS. The anger is very, very often a sign of it.


Totally agree. We need them in the senate and as mentors.


Thank you.


Why should Sanders "throw his weight" behind two candidates who's voting record sides with old school dem dinosaurs? Here we are again with trying to proclaim a "winning" candidate before the people have had their say by their votes. The DNC did this with Hilliary Clinton, How did that work out? It all comes down to let the candidates run, don't interfere and let the voters decide...Oh, and for all commenters who seem to have all the answers, please run for office...


Don't think Warren will win even with Sander's support. But both of them will lose even worse than the 4 million votes short Sanders came up with in 2016 if they both run because they split each other's base by being so similar.

Of the two Warren is the more accomplished and has leadership abilities that Bernie lacks. Bernie tends to damage the very causes he wants to help through incompetence. It would be a tragedy if M4A actually passed and then Bernie screwed it up the way he mishandled wait lists in the VA. Warren doesn't shoot messengers or reject reality in favor of what she wishes were true. She's qualified to be president, Bernie isn't.

If you don't want to put your best foot forward thats not really my problem.


Run Bernie Run!!


Jesus Christ, scrw that nonsense. yeah let's run some other neoliberal hack that can't even beat Donald effin Trump. give me a break

H Brooke Paige

Sadly, Mr. Sanders will spend next two the galivanting across the country "spreading his special brand of Socialism" to all who will listen, quelling the voices of the rising stars of the Democrat Party.

Sanders is not a Democrat, just ask him ! For years, he has manipulated Vermont election laws to prevent legitimate opponents from appearing on the General Election ballot - as he did in the Election last fall, winning the Democrat nomination only to decline the endorsement as if it were a used piece of Kleenex tissue.

Sanders has one person's best interest in mind as he crisscrosses the nation - Bernie Sanders and his "devil-may-care" attitude will sully the Democrat Presidential competition for legitimate Democrat contenders in the 2020 Primary Election.

Nothing will dissuade Bernie from mischievous mission because there is only one person he cares about and that person is Bernie Sanders !


How did you get paragraph breaks? It broke all the formatting in mine and made it a wall of text.




Excellent editorial.

Sanders is a selfish, spread-the-wealth kinda big spender - as long as he gets the wealth.

He had spent his 50 years in public life feathering his nest.

He now owns three houses.

And once he leaves the stage, we'll still be paying him - through his several government pensions stemming from his city-government and federal time.

Time, not work, mind you.

He had spent his federal time writing and selling books, as well as abandoning his adopted state so he could do some self-aggrandizing politicking for president.

Bye Bernie.




What are you on? Owning three house is now rich? You know how many the Clintons own? Drumpf? Do you know how many politicians get millions from writing books? Wake up.

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