Every rational person knows the inherent danger, to both themselves and others, of driving the wrong way on an interstate highway. Those who do such a reckless act are either ignoring the obvious warning signs against such action or they do so due to priorities we find difficult to understand.

Currently, Donald Trump is not only driving the wrong way on an interstate highway but is denying the death and destruction from which his action will result. That interstate highway is the path of choice by the COVID-19 virus, a virus spreading like a speeding car out of control.

Trump would like us to believe that, not only is the virus not speeding throughout our country, but he and his administration have responded in such a way that it is on the off ramp and will magically disappear into the night. Trump is so drunk on his desire to have his road for re-election cleared of all debris that he ignores the deaths from COVID-19 for which he is responsible. Trump so madly wants the economy back in the fast lane of the interstate that he is willing to put all of us in personal danger from his speeding car so far out of control.

We need to remove the wheels of his self-centered vehicle of destruction, sideline it like the wreck it so obviously has become. Only then can we slow down COVID-19 and its speeding course on the interstate that leads to the heart of America.

William Gay


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…….. he ignores the deaths from COVID-19 for which he is responsible. Trump so madly wants the economy back in the fast lane of the interstate. WOW, I didn't know President Trump placed Covid-19 patients into nursing homes. Oops my bad, that was/is the illustrious Billy DiBlasio & Andy Cuomo (the two clowns who never shut-down the New York City Subway system - the fast moving Petri dish) and then there is the vunderful Tom Wolf and his 'mandate' the former Richard Lavine (now Rachel Lavine, how special is that) who also killed older Americans living in nursing homes. I think you took plenty of time in your article to make your 'pointless' :-/

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