The Vermont Legislature is limping to the finish and with numerous bills still undecided; they may not finish their work this year. The bills in question — legal pot sales, minimum wage increase to $15 an hour, paid family leave, gun waiting period and others  — are in limbo.

The legal pot sales is the most ridiculous one. Pot is now legal in Vermont to possess up to an ounce and grow two plants, but there is no legal way to purchase it. It should be easy to resolve this impasse, as pot growers in Vermont are ready to sell their marijuana now. But, there is no agreement in the Legislature and Senate and another year will pass with no legal pot sales.

The paid family leave and minimum wage increase are common sense and need to happen. Emergency family leave is a must and earning a livable wage is, too. But, again, no agreement.

The gun waiting period, in light of all school and other senseless killing with guns, is also common sense, but no agreement.

It's the people's work that is not getting done.

T.W. King


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Bob P

Please show us where a 24 hour waiting period is going to stop school shootings, or senseless shootings as you State. How many shootings have there been in Vermont where a person committed it within 24 hours of purchasing a firearm.


Bob P, Maybe you should answer your own question. If even one "person committed it within 24 hours" that is one person too many. Please show us where a 24 hour waiting period will affect a hunters right to go hunting, where owning the gun and displaying it will be affected by a 24 hour wait, where increasing the number of guns a person wants to own will be affected by a 24 hour wait.

Bob P

One person breaking the law does not mean we make a law that hinders law abiding citizens. Gun owners are Protected under the 2nd. How about we start making the media start waiting 24 hours before they post a story, just to make sure its correct. We all know how that would bring people out screaming about their rights under the constitution. You can't pick and choose which amendment should be followed. It's also not about how it affects a persons ability, it's about if I feel like going out this morning and buying another firearm, being legal to do so, it should not be hinders because of the actions of 1 or a few.

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