A woman of childbearing age who becomes pregnant must have a choice as to whether to continue a pregnancy.

Governments should have no place in legislating what we ourselves, our daughters, our friends, should do in times of crisis. Developing restrictive legal and practical obstacles and closing health facilities, as is egregiously happening now, places enormous burdens on women making these decisions. She may have to travel long distances for care, or wait too long to be helped. Her health may be at risk. As has happened too often before abortions became legal, her life may be endangered, especially if she's forced to seek out an unsafe practitioner. She may end up with a serious infection. She may die.

Women and family-centered services, notably Planned Parenthood, offer a spectrum of health care options and compassionate, skilled care that encourages and enables a woman to make wise decisions based on her special needs.

It is essential that we Vermonters continue to support women's legal right to privacy and reproductive choice, and in doing so, show our respect and love for them. We must be able to control our lives, to plan our futures, to plan when to have children, and when it would not be possible. It is never an easy decision. We want to create a society that nurtures all its families. We must also make sure that the option of early, safe and accessible abortion remains open for all women at all ages, at all times.

Jane Pincus


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As a man I can tell you that if my sex was the one that became pregnant, we would never allow a woman to have a say in what occurred within our bodies. If a woman told us, “you’ve got to have this baby now, even if it means quitting your education or putting your career on hold”, we would say you’re nuts. If a woman told us: “ I know it was just a one-night stand and I know I should I have been less insistent, but you must have this child and nurture it for the next 20 years”, we would ask what planet you are from.

We must call this out for what it is… utter and complete hypocrisy on the part of some men. And yet, hour after hour, day after day, women carry babies, give birth, nurture their children, and keep the human race going. You deserve our gratitude and our support, not our judgment and meddling. Thank you for your article.

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