With due respect to Andy Leader, who responded on Aug. 29, at least in part, to my letter to the editor of Aug. 27, which was, in turn, in response to Deb Billado's opied piece on Trump:

Andy presumes well-educated people are doing "just fine." Anyone, however educated, who is concerned with global warming, the status of women, nuclear war, and/or the safety of LGBQT people, Jews and people of color, is not. How can Andy question the president's racism after Charlottesville and subsequent events? The president even claims the title of white nationalist.

Andy seems to connect "just fine" with economic success, which fits right in with Trump's agenda. In contrast, I, and many of my friends, worry more about the president's ignorance and abuse of the Constitution, the weakening of environmental rules, the jailing of innocent immigrants, the constant lies and the general attack on democracy.

The "broader perspective" Andy offers is a whitewash of Trump's outrageous behavior.

Leda Schubert


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"the jailing of innocent immigrants"...…..geeze, talk about a 'whitewash'. Immigrants who set foot on American soil by applying for citizenship in the clearly established legal manner have no worries about being jailed. Those who disregard the rule of law deserve to be jailed :-

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