What if federal workers, aware of the troubles that would come if they did not work, agreed to continue to work, to keep active all the services they provide?

Bankers, car dealerships, credit card companies, etc., would sue the feds for interfering with their cash flow.

Federal workers would join the suit to demand their pay.

What if citizens who planned visits to national treasures would join in the suit in thanks for not losing the cost of travel, hotel, etc., and for not missing out on valuable time with families and friends?

Politicians could use this clamor to emphasize their ideas.

We need to impeach “all about me” Trump and his cabinet. We are all in grave danger.

What if all religions (and atheists) in the world agreed their primary job is to train their people to be humane! To love, to help, to rescue, to create safe lives.

Our military could be forces on rescue efforts worldwide.

Pope Francis would know that our several attractions are ingrained in our own brains by birth, and he could promote fair plans to prevent sexual abuse — he and all the other religious leaders.

Boys and girls would be seen as equals. How they differ would be taught, to help them chose life activities.

What if scientists discover how to erase the part of the brain that came from weasels and hyenas, who kill all in sight when they need only one for food?

... or scientists discover how to install empathy into the brains that lack it (sociopaths)?

… or they discover how to defuse the joy some humans relish while hurting other humans, animals, etc. (Bullies. Thieves, abusers, etc.)? What if?

Judy Nepveu


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