As I listen to our administration’s talking voices, representing the latest version of the truth, I wonder from what planet did they just arrive.

They talk about "clean coal" as if not only its pollution significance should be ignored (given Trump’s removal of concerns over such carbon burning and its impact on global warming) but also that it is the energy source of the future.

They talk about the border and those detained in the semblance of prison cages designed for those who have no regard for the law as if it doesn’t matter that children are denied access to their lives, which is controlled by the brutality of the police state we have become.

They talk about creating a third world war as if it was an issue of testicular strength that is only measured by a response, in human lives, equated to the loss of mechanical devices.

They talk…

And it’s time we listened, and put a stop to their verbiage of destruction, destruction of our democratic republic, and far more significantly, the destruction of the world.

William Gay


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"children are denied access to their lives",...……..reminds us all of the brutality of those folks committing abortion and robbing children of their lives :-/

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