There's nothing like a guaranteed income to guarantee a disconnect from ordinary people. Imagine if everyone woke up everyday knowing the money is continuing and there's nothing to worry about with regard to having enough money on which to live, imagine.

The pampered, disconnected people in the United States Congress should immediately stop taking their salaries and throw the money (yes, their personal money) into the pot for the remainder of their term in office, not to mention their comfortable retirement funds. The money would be shared with everyone who is now (or is going to be) unemployed as the result of the massive national crises we are experiencing and should have been better prepared for. And the folks in Congress would be the ones who had to personally address the envelopes containing the checks. Imagine.

As for the three who sold stock based on the briefing they were given as elected officials, they would have to sit in a stock in a Village Park until the expiration of their terms.

And the "Very Stable Genius" would have to turn in all the money he's acquired since getting elected president and all the money he cheated others out of before getting elected, and who repeatedly says he was surprised by the virus, would have to personally cook and serve the stocked people their meals every morning, noon, and night. Imagine.

We will get through this.

Claire Duke


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