I understand sour grapes make the best whine, or so I’ve been told. When the whine that one is exposed to is from another point of view it tends to help you focus a little more on your own preferred taste, in the editorials The Times Argus delivers for example.

Just belittling someone’s efforts leaves a bad taste in your mouth no matter what your preferred flavor of news coverage might be. The constant invocation of "we deserve," "pithy sermons," and the big winner right or "left-wing propaganda" belies just how open the news has to be. It is bound to leave a sour taste in someone’s mouth. Today’s society is not interested in truth and facts, and in any event it ends up being whining about just "whose" truth and facts are correct. The irony of “whose” is lost.

If local newspapers are "dying on the vine" it is only because they present ‘news’ that does not cater to the whims of a public that no longer finds value in a truly free press. Since you truly can’t please everyone, the press can deliver on only one premise. What do they deem has value for today’s newspaper? That is a regular choice to meet the deadlines that never end, and it is their choice.

The economics of additional content in the paper defines the value. Any comic strip out there is available via the internet. I’m sure GoComics, Comics Kingdom, ArcaMax Publishing and others would welcome your funds. If a particular strip is that valuable to you, support it directly and benefit the artist at your own expense.

Alfred S Blakey


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