About Rob Roper’s column, it is hard to know where to start dissecting his screed on the single-use plastic ban. Reading his column, one would think that a medieval decree came out of Montpelier from a dictator telling us what to do.

We created governments on federal, state and local levels to deal with situations that we cannot deal with as individuals. So, what happened in this case with the proliferation of plastics, especially micro-plastics, dangerously contaminating and threatening the viability of our environment — in everything, including our food and beer?

People researched the issue; saw what other towns and states were doing; individuals and groups contacted and petitioned their representatives to ban single-use plastic objects. Similar bills were introduced in both the House and the Senate; as the Senate moved on their bill faster than the House, they heard testimony from plastic manufacturers, distributors, students, citizens, scientists and government agencies; both houses had three readings of their bill; combined them into one agreed-upon piece of legislation; passed it in both chambers and the governor signed it into law. Very few proposed bills make it through this complex and energy intensive process to become law and because of the biannual nature of our system, some bills drag on for two years.

Rob Roper would have us believe that we must rebel against a tyrannical, authoritarian government but as Pogo famously said, “We have met the enemy and they are us."

Brian Forrest


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