Jesse Watters, Fox News conservative pundit, would like you to believe that the climate crisis isn’t real.

He held forth on his "Wednesdays with Watters" segment this past week, “explaining” the climate crisis is a fiction created by Democrats and money-and-attention-grubbing "entertainers" such as NPR’s Bill Nye the Science Guy, who Watters snidely describes as a "shock jock who doesn't even have a PhD." Watters chooses to ignore Nye's reputation as one of our nation's most trusted voices in science education.

Watters goes on to state there's no reason to listen to experts concerned about the climate crisis, because experts have been wrong before; he provides the examples of experts' failure to predict Hillary's loss (so wrong) and experts' concern of a disaster surrounding Y2K (wrong again).

The mountains of frightening evidence about climate change should scare us all. No one on the planet can afford the risk scientists are wrong on this one, Jesse. It’s not a laughing matter.

Susan Bull Riley


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Prove it using the scientific method of experiment and observation. There is no control to prove that the theory of climate change that claims it is man made. Scientific consensus can be peer pressure induced. There is also great political gain for the political party that can use the fear of climate change as an excuse for raising taxes, diminishing property rights, redistributing wealth, diminishing National sovereignty and basically acting against the best interests of their own voters.

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