I, and many others, attempt to walk Hill Street, Windywood Road and West Cobble Hill Road on Trow Hill at most times during the year. All of these roads could use sidewalks, at least a mile in each direction from the intersection where Trow Hill Grocery is located.

It's a great place to walk; however, sometimes it's very difficult to get out of the road, especially during the winter months. I fell and broke my wrist about  100 yards from the store this past January while walking on Windywood Road. Cars were making the turn from Hill Street onto Windywood Road, forcing me onto the snow-covered edge, which happened to be covering ice. Down I went.

I know there are those who will say, "Go to the mall and walk." I do that also, but each day I walk to the store to get the newspaper and chat with the "boys." All ages can be found walking along the edge of the road on the hill.

Mike Gilbert

Barre Town

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