In 2016, of the 250.3 million people eligible to vote, 214.1 million registered, 85.54%, good intentions!

Of the 214.1 million registered, 140.1 million voted, a 65.44% turnout reality.

A 65.44% turnout of eligible would have been 163.8 million votes, 23.7 million more votes, available.

In 1964, of the 114.1 million people eligible to vote, 73.7 million registered, 64.59%, good intentions.

Of the 73.7 million registered, 70.6 million voted, a 95.83% turnout made the effort to follow through!

A 95.83% turnout of registered 2016 voters would have been 205.2 million votes.

A 95.83% turnout of eligible 2016 voters would have been 239.9 million votes.


The picture painted by these numbers? Individuals made both the effort to register and to vote in 1964. Protesters made good on their promise.

I have to ask if the backbone is there again. Is this environment we are in today, just riot, burn and kill or is it really an awakening of the people again?

Register now and vote Nov. 3. You owe it to the next generation. Pay up.

Alfred S. Blakey


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