Donald Trump’s presidency has begun to feel like someone has defecated on America. I know that sounds harsh but, at times, reality should not be denied.

Without continuing on with a diatribe that has no solution other than the verbiage of disgust, I need to present somewhat of a solution before I lose myself to the vomit we are facing.

It is imperative we vote not only Trump out of office but all those Republicans who have been silent in their acceptance of not only his abuse of power, but his contempt of all that is civil, all that is humane and all that is, and has been, the decency of the office of the presidency.

We must encourage voters to get out of their chairs of complacency and accept, practice their citizen duties and vote their voice. We must vote those silent Republicans, both state and national, who are complacent with the horror of Trump and are partners in his white racism, out of office.

Trump, Steven Miller and Mitch McConnell will only go away if we, as voters, put them out of office by our efforts to end their stain on our democracy and vote them out of office. Perhaps then we can return to the stature for which America once stood.

William Gay


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