When I made the decision not to seek re-election to the Barre City Council this year, I did so with the hope that someone would step up who would bring the same commitment to working towards a city government that is open, accessible, transparent and proactive in their efforts to make Barre a community where no one is left behind. There is only one candidate in the Ward 2 City Council race who fits this bill, and I am so thrilled to be voting for Teddy Waszazak on March 5.

Teddy is a young, driven and thoughtful leader who lives and works in the heart of Barre City. His passion for Barre is unmatched, particularly when you find out he wasn't born here, but rather is the product of our efforts to make Barre an attractive community for young people to live and work. His perspective on this will be an asset to the council as it continues to struggle with the challenge of revitalizing Barre's neighborhoods.

Teddy is also the kind of person the council needs most right now -- someone who isn't coming to the table with an ax to grind but rather, approaches this work with the goal of finding common ground and good, strategic policy that benefits the city and its taxpayers. At a time when our politics have become so divided, even here in Barre, Teddy will serve as a bridge for a council that has, at times, been overwhelmingly divided. Rather than publicly attack or ridicule our elected officials, Teddy has engaged with the council and is already showing that he is the only candidate who will put petty, personal differences aside -- even (and especially) when it is the most difficult -- to do good for Barre.

Teddy brings the perspectives most needed on the council. I am confident that he will bring the energy and dedication that Barre City needs right now, and that we will be better with his leadership. I know he will make an excellent choice to replace me on the council, and I hope you will join me in voting for him.

Brandon Batham


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