We’re writing to ask Barre city voters to support Dr. John Steinman on Nov. 6.

We’ve known John as a friend, neighbor and community supporter for over 25 years and believe his life experiences have uniquely qualified him to serve as one of Barre City’s representatives.

Having worked his way through both college and dental school, John can relate first-hand to the challenges of financing a college education. As a medical professional, John best understands the complexities and challenges of our health care system and addiction crisis. As a business owner, John understands the multiple challenges that Vermont’s small businesses face. Perhaps most importantly, as a parent to two wonderful young adults, John understands the importance of strong, stable families and making Vermont both an affordable and attractive place to live and for young Vermonters to start their career.

We’re proud of John and of how hard John has worked during his campaign. What impresses us most is John’s selflessness. His campaign and desire to serve doesn’t come during his retirement years or while simply looking for something to do. John is at the peak of his career, yet he feels so strongly about ensuring a better future for Vermont that he’s willing to serve at a time that makes the least sense for him personally. Having known John for as long as we have, that doesn’t surprise us. We know that John will represent Barre City with the same selflessness and thoughtfulness. He’ll always put our interests first.

I’m also writing to ask Barre city voters to cast their vote for Paul Poirier on Nov. 6.

For decades, Paul Poirier has been a strong advocate and supporter of healthy and safe women, children and families. In my capacity as president of O.U.R. House of central Vermont, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Paul in both an advocacy and fundraising role. As an advocate, Paul has always made discussions about how Vermont can keep women, children and families safe from harm, a priority. As donors, Paul and Leslie have given generously in order to further our mission of advocating for sexually abused children and families. We’re very grateful for both.

A vote for Paul Poirier is a vote for healthy and safe women, children and families in Vermont.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting John Steinman and Paul Poirier on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Karen Lauzon


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