Supporting Renita Marshall, for me, is in the best interest for the city of Barre and our residents. We need the best team to achieve the goals of the city and I know that Renita is the best candidate for Ward 2.

Renita has demonstrated her commitment to the city through her service on the Budget Committee and the Traffic Advisory Committee. She reached out to the city manager and planning director to clarify items being discusses in social media, showing the needed commitment to detail.

I have seen Renita’s outreach to members in her ward. Renita organized the Neighborhood Watch meeting in her area, which allowed residents to provide input on items that impact them. Renita understands that the Neighborhood Watch program isn’t only about crime, but to allow neighbors to meet, discuss traffic issues and set up neighborhood events.

Most recently, Renita has reached out about council taking an Implicit Bias Training, like what was done at the State House. I agree with Renita that party politics shouldn’t play a role at the local level; it sets up walls where we should be finding compromise.

I have also worked with Renita in the past with the Barre Partnership. Multiple times, Renita has helped support and promote events within the city, including the Barre Heritage Festival and standup comedy night at Espresso Bueno.

Renita is a committed mother and wife, shows continued involvement with city and dialogue with the residents. Please join me in supporting Renita Marshall for Ward 2.

Lucas Herring


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