The current president of the United States once called climate change a hoax. Under these circumstances, states within our country need to take it upon themselves to establish reform that helps to combat climate change.

Lawmakers in Vermont have proposed a cap-and-trade program that will help to control energy usage. We cannot control what President Trump says or does but, as a community, we can control the amount of energy we use. If energy were to be regulated by each household within the state of Vermont as the cap and trade bill proposes, its carbon footprint would decrease significantly.

Greenhouse gas emissions are a huge issue for our world. Climate change is affecting all aspects of life. The world collectively needs to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas by reducing emissions. This is not a small feat, energy use yields emissions and curbing the production of energy is difficult.

However, Vermont lawmakers are hoping to establish this program to bring awareness to those who are overusing and reduce unnecessary energy usage. The Climate Change Oversight Committee will regulate large scale projects that could be potentially environmentally harmful and make suggestions that are more efficient. On a smaller scale, individual households will have to cut their day-to-day usage. To me, this is a small price to pay to save the planet.

Our state can be an example for others to follow suit, even if our leader will not do so.

Ava Hultgren

South Burlington

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