Our sacred, democratic republic has become a banana republic under the Trump administration:

— The illegal use of federal agents by Trump’s Department of Homeland Security to kidnap protesters exercising their First Amendment rights in Portland, Oregon, by unidentified agents in unmarked vans on the streets of Portland is how dictators in banana republics operate.

— The commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence by Trump is how dictators reward those loyal to the regime.

— The collapse of a fair judicial system under Attorney General Barr and the packing of our federal courts with right-wing conservatives by Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, is the first step authoritarian regimes take to ensure their continued hold on power.

— The expansion of the cult of authoritarian leadership based on demagoguery, lies, creating discord through continued use of social division buzzwords, repeated use of “fake news” to discredit opposition press: all this is how dictators in banana republics operate.

Robert Hawk

East Hardwick

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Violent protestors who burn buildings, and destroy both public and private property are NOT exercising their First Amendment 'rights', they are criminals who are getting their participating trophies via getting 'kidnaped' and hauled off to spend some time playing shower games with 'Peaches'. Well deserved time for them.

— "The commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence by Trump is how dictators reward those loyal to the regime." President Trump has a long way to go to catch up to Hussein Obummer and his regime :-/

Mike from Worcester

"By his 365th day as president, 34 percent of Trump’s most senior staffers had quit, switched roles or were forced out, according to a study by the Brookings Institution’s Katie Dunn Tenpas that tracked staffers with the help of a list compiled by National Journal. That statistic has now climbed to 43 percent.

That’s more than double every other administration since 1981, when National Journal began the list."

"Prosecution of Child-Sex Traffickers Plummeted Under Trump

July 16, 2019.

The Obama administration dramatically ramped up such prosecutions, climbing threefold from 85 cases in 2009, the year the 44th president took office, to more than 260 during his final year in the White House.

Recent administrations with the MOST criminal indictments:

Trump (Republican) — 215

Nixon (Republican) — 76

Reagan (Republican) — 26

"Recent administrations with the LEAST criminal indictments:

Obama (Democrat) — 0

Carter (Democrat) — 1

Clinton (Democrat) — 2

"Notice a pattern?"

Obummer- how cute. No facts, just name calling. Reminds me of that trumper who, when interviewed, said :"I don't want that Obamacare. I want my Affordable Care Act."

And you will find (maybe you won't) that the hammer welding fire starters are really trumpers, racists. see 'umbrella man', Minneapolis.

Obama: None.

Carter- none"

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