Black Lives Matter. Police Lives Matter. Our own liberty and justice matters, too.

Our nation aspires to liberty and justice for all; it comes with a price. It needs muscle to uphold. Dismantling the police is a rally cry that should make everyone take note of who wants to strip us of our freedoms.

Vermonters should toot our horns.

Do you know that, portrays Vermont with; Percent black residents, 0.9% (third lowest); Black homeownership rate, 24.6% (ninth lowest); Black incarceration rate, 2,214 per 100,000 (19th lowest).

Vermont is the only state with a larger share of black adults who have graduated from college than white adults; 37% have a bachelor of arts degree or better — more than any state — higher than the 35.1% of white’s with degrees.

The difference in incomes between white and black residents is the smallest in the country. In Vermont, black families earn $50,933 annually, the third most of any state, just $4,000 less than the state's typical white household. Nationally, the income gap is roughly $24,000.

Since we allow incarcerated citizens to vote, Vermont has no legally disenfranchised black Americans; nationwide, one in every 13 blacks are disenfranchised.

Black Lives Matter, though there's not a lot of need to fund inquiries into injustices here in Vermont. Perhaps Vermont should channel some BLM funding to promote awareness of our ethnic diversity and give honor to civic leaders of all races who have sought to promote "Freedom & Unity."

Thank you, Vermont police and sheriffs, for being our front lines for COVID-19, for monitoring peaceful BLM rallies, and for many years of protecting our freedom. May you know our united support and gratitude.

Martha Hafner

Randolph Center

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Well, don't you just sound like a white privileged race apologist? Every single statement you made is exactly WHY the Black Lives Matter movement has an uphill battle. Just how many black people in Vermont have you even spoken with? I'm almost certain they would view your statements in a vastly different light. Statistics gleaned from your resources are suspect and possibly biased. Please reconsider what you think you know about the lives of black people in this country and in this state. Would you trade places with a black person?


@ Tyche802,

While I and many people agree with the message of Black Lives Matters, because black lives certainly do matter, the slogan “Black lives matters” isn’t very inclusive and rather “exclusive”, which is really how we got where we are. The BLM movement will unite certain segments of the populous while still making others feel excluded. And until that changes, BLM will accomplish little, and slowly fade into the background.


You are missing the entire point of Black Lives Matter. When YOU live with constant oppression, profiling because your skin is brown or black, murdered for no reason other than the color of your skin, treated like a criminal and disproportionately imprisoned for non violent crimes in order to make for profit prisons more profitable for their investors, were enslaved and murdered for centuries by white people, kept from receiving an education equal to that of whites because you're black, live in a poor black community and your school buildings are crumbling around you, forced to drink poisoned water in your community, oh the list goes on and on, but WHEN YOU experience this and know what it's like to be a black person in this country, your "all lives matter" argument IS the reason WHY they are fighting back. "Not exclusive?" WOW....that's sounds like white whining to me. You need to sit down and LISTEN to black people. This isn't about YOU.


Yeah, the problem is when you’re emotional, your not rational which is the case with you. My suggestion is to listen to all sides of the debate before you rush to judgement, in which case we can have a rational and civil discussion.

Good luck

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