I was wondering when, exactly, are the two dozen or so U.S. flags that line Main Street in Barre going to come down? I mean, they looked great back on the 4th of July but now they are dirty, faded and getting raggedy-bag looking. Does Barre have any respect, or shame?

This is a personal gripe of mine, U.S. flags that aren't fit to display yet fly until they are literally ribbons.

When Veterans Day was observed last Sunday in Barre, a wreath was placed at the foot of "Youth Triumphant." Yet, there it was in the background, the stars and stripes, woefully faded and filthy, on the flagpole behind it. How disrespectful.

I'd much rather see no flags than this sorry display.

Take them down and send them to VFW Post 790 for proper and respectful retirement and disposal. Please.

Christopher Maloney


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