It’s bad enough that life as we knew it has been overturned by the pandemic. Tragically, it is being made incrementally worse by the negligence and incompetence of the Trump administration to take a proactive national leadership role in addressing the virus. It is not a “hoax,” we do not “have it under control.” and, yes, “eventually” it will go away, but “eventually,” we’ll all also be dead.

The medical/science community’s consensus is wearing of a mask is a critical preventive measure to slow the spread of the coronavirus. It is a public health issue.

For that reason, most public businesses have a “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” policy. I don’t recall people getting bent out of shape about that policy trampling on their constitutional rights.

Trump has politicized the wearing of masks as a way to further divide, not for unity or the good of the country but to energize his supporters’ adulation and allegiance and reinforce his ego of knowing what’s best. Now that things are going from bad to worse, Trump may be changing the script we hear him recite, but it comes down to “do as I say (not as I do).” He and his administration are guilty of criminal negligence resulting in thousands of deaths.

The federal policy, such as it is, leaves every state, village, town and municipality to fend for themselves. I shudder to think how this is going to work for opening the school system.

The coronavirus does not recognize borders. It is global. Until we have a national plan to address the pandemic, one which must, as much as I dislike them, include wearing a mask in public, we will be living our overturned lives in a state of uncertainty, fear and divisiveness for a long time to come.

Let us not allow ignorance and a lack of civility contribute more than already exists towards Making America God Awful.

Fred Wilber


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It is not a "HOAX", 152,929 deaths and counting is a public health issue. Thank you Mr. Wilber.


"Let us not allow ignorance" First Fred, the coronavirus is nothing more than the common cold on hyper-steroids. I hope you are not buying into the notion that the NUMBERS are UP as evidence due to, as Nancy Polosi would say, "we need more testing, testing, testing, it's all about the testing, testing, testing" she states this with her fingers flailing in the air. The reason the NUMBERS are UP, the percentages that is, is really quite simple. It is called 'virus debris'. Look it up, read about it, the drive-by media won't tell you about it. Now that you have read about 'virus debris', maybe you will understand what the President is harping about.

Mike from Worcester

black death- common cold on steroids. polio- cold on steroids. pick your threat- add 'on steroids'. feel better? 150,000+ deaths. gee- small % of infected die. happy days. think we'll break 200,000, 250,000. meanwhile, add in permanent damage resulting in life changing/shortening sequelae. professional athletes like eduardo rodriguez wind up with myocarditis. not shown in numbers. and everybody knows about virus debris. beside the point. ask any health care worker about the effects of hypoxia on all organs. keep drinking bleach, putting a light where the sun don't shine, demon sperm, oh my. let the 'blue states die, jarrod.

this sorry excuse for 'a leader' doesn't understand anything but harping. MM, RN

Mike from Worcester

oops! forgot 'alien dna'. listen to trump's chosen doc, not fauci? don't think so.


Study up on your 101 pre-med chemistry books and you will see the good doc has been skating too long to make his 'pointless'.


Sorry Kirk, reading your bit about virus debris has not helped me in the least to decipher what exactly Trump is "harping" [spewing vitriol] about.


Sorry, can't help you :-/

Mike from Worcester

try putting out some facts instead of little half witticisms that mean nothing. facts, science and truth, oh my. never see facts, only name calling, character assassination.

trump promised wall/mexicans pay- lie. new health care plan- many promises- lie. release tax returns after audit- lie. sue his accusers of sex assaults- lie. remove china from WTO- lie. end birthright citizenship- lie. impose hiring freeze on feds, 2017- lie. invest 5.5 billion in infastructure, lie.bring back manufacturing, lie. grow GNP by 4%, lie. special prosecutor to investigate Hillary, lie. Get congress to allow insurance across state lines, lie. repeal Obamacare, lie. renegotiate Iran deal, lie. rebuild Marines to 36 battalions, lie. change children's vaccination schedules, lie. promise 1% spending cut a year, lie. expand right to carry to all states, lie. eliminate Common Core, lie. eliminate gun free zones at schools and military bases, lie. stop AT&T/time warner merger, lie. death penalty for cop killers, lie. increase size of active army to 540,000 active duty, lie. build a safe zone for syrian refugees, lie. eliminate federal debt (1 trillion $ tax cut for rich), lie. medicare block grants, lie. allow individuals to deduct health ins. premiums, lie. enact term limits, lie. increase child care tax credits, lie. eliminate carried interest loophole for the rich, lie. repeal alt. min. tax, lie. cut # of tax brackets, lie. very partial list. remember, he has over 20,000 document lies about everything/everyone - this list just lying promises. to paraphrase Winston Churchill- "never has so much damage and cruelty been perpetrated upon so many by so few".


Fred Wilbur - well written, to the point - I wholeheartedly agree with your statement.

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