Thinking about Trump’s most recent racist rant regarding people of color who live in Baltimore, I couldn’t help but reflect upon our Star-Spangled Banner that was written in the Chesapeake Bay while the War of 1812 raged against a Baltimore stronghold.

While we rarely sing the full song as it was written, there are many lines that should give us pause for concern in terms of Trump’s vile racism and the opposing historical significance of our national anthem that was written as the battle wore on through the dark of night.

“A home and a country should leave us no more …” through the rhetoric that this pitiful excuse for a national leader puts at risk by openly promoting the divide that threatens our home and country.

“And where is that band who so vauntingly swore …” to protect and serve the Constitution through their elected service to the principles upon which our country was founded?

When “… freeman shall stand …” and rise up against the hatred that Trump and those who surround him as he “… fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses …” his disgusting white supremacist stance, we may be able to see “… that the Star-Spangled Banner yet wave … O’re the land of free and the home of the brave.”

We can only hope to see the “… proof through the night that our flag (is) still there …” and will continue to be seen in “… the dawn's early light …” of our nation’s new day that unites, rather than grotesquely divides, all of our people.

William Gay


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.... like the full definition of 'racist'

…. are you sure your race and his are the same?

There you go again Kirk. I didn't ignore anything. I cherry picked the words just as Trump, Barr and you yourself do. I deliberately did so to draw you in and it worked as planned. I notice you ignored prejudice though.

Read up on Psychological Projection Kirk, do us all a favor.

NOTICE: change of subject warning – Have you sent your $10 check to the self-proclaimed billionaire who is going to pay for his election run himself? He never stopped running so his supporters would keep sending him their rent, medicine, food, and utility money because he needs it more than they do! It is sad they think they are giving it to him, when the reality is he is giving it to them just as every con man does.


A mental illness problem ... Right!

Increasingly angry words directed at immigrants on the southern border in recent weeks by right-wing pundits and President Trump.

255 reported and verified shootings in 217 days!

So what did you do this past week-end Kirk?

Trump smiled, played golf and crashed a wedding party for a photo op at his Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey while 29 people died in gun violence in El Paso and Dayton.


Blatant trespassers on our soil.

255 reported 217 days....and your point being :-

Trump enjoyed his weekend, point being :-


You didn't 'cherry pick' your words and 'draw me in', you played Wednesday night your little unwitting game of psychological projection attempting to show superior knowledge of the world around you. The only problem is, if you really did read about this little defense mechanism and did others a favor, you would have noticed your own shortcomings to, are you ready for this,…………….Psymydelic 101 pretty basic 'stuff' :-/

Oh my, I almost forgot, I need to write out another check for $1,000.00.....$10.00 is not enough :-)


Psymydelic, would that be like covfefe Kirk? Want to try again?

Better make that check $2,000 a pop. How's that market working for you Kirk?

In the last five days Trump has gained 78,542 Instagram followers, Obama has gained 150,061. Notice Trump never talks about those numbers Kirk?


Need a 'safe room' for your PTSD get some counseling with Psymydelic, have some cofeefee. Down well into the ten's of thousands on Monday, no big deal, still up over 14% since your buddy Obummer left office.....Instagram.....what's that, 'Silent Majority' needs no stinking Instagram.....LOL


Kirk, I have to ask; would that be the same kind of rat and rodent infested cesspool that has been found in the nearly 9,000 rental units across 17 apartment complexes of Baltimore "slumlord" Jared Kushner's apartments?

Hypocrisy rings hollow to a mind incapable of recognizing it.


Makes no difference who owns 9,000 rental units comprising of 17 complexes in greater Baltimore, each and every city has housing inspectors that are there to enforce minimum property standards. Why would you hold the property owner responsible for the hygienic practices of those folks who choose to live the way that they do and to freely choose to rent from any particular owner.

And then there are folks who follow the little red progressive laser light to morbid curiosity.


freely choose to rent from any particular owner. - right Kirk, free to chose unless, as you point out YOU as a landlord reserve the right not to rent to them. Been down this rabbit hole before.


Private deed owners do reserve the right to rent to whomever, I do the same and recently denied someone. Rentals thru licensed Realtor agencies, not so.


There was a failed class action suit against Kushner Company. Tenants were instructed to file individual complaints against Kushner Company for late payment fees. Seems as though some folks didn't read the fine print in the lease 'agreement(s)'. Yup, some folks open their mouth just to change their feet.


And what does late payment fees have to do with rats & rodents? Oh, that's right, change the subject.


You didn't investigate Kushner very well, hence I filled you in with some details the likes that you wish to the full definition of 'racist' :-


Read your own words Kirk -"Don't we all hold some bigotry to our mindset after all, ... it hardly behooves any of us to talk about the rest of us"


And yet your do Kirk, on both counts You claim friendship with "You my friend," and ridicule him in the same breath with - "live in a rat and rodent infested cesspool called Montpelier"

Racist - a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people - are you sure your race and his are the same? If not then you are, by definition a racist.


You Al, my friend, conveniently left out part of the definition of RACIST. (against people of other RACES, or who believes that a particular RACE is superior to another). Interesting and that does behoove anyone of us to talk about the rest of us including the author of this vanilla article to the readership in general. Sorry Al, no racist statement was made on my part, rat and rodent infested cesspool in any geographical area is in no way racist. Next time include the full definition.


On the contrary Kirk, I did not leave it out at all. I made a specific point of the need for the race difference. - - are you sure your race and his are the same? If not then you are, by definition a racist.

I also included discrimination OR PREJUDICE - preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience - a rat and rodent infested cesspool called Montpelier. Not just his residence, the whole city! Very good Kirk!


You my friend, live in a rat and rodent infested cesspool called Montpelier. Now, point out the 'racist' words within the comment I just made. I knew you couldn't :-/

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