I can’t understand why people didn’t see it coming. Trump has always stiffed the people who work for him. Why should “not paying public employees” be considered different?

Alfred S. Blakey


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Bob P

Ah yes, Mexico will pay for it. See, that's the problem with those that only watch left leaning msm, they never get any information that does not fit that narrative. Why don't you look back at interviews with Sean Hannity back around March of 2016, that's right 2016 where Trump was very specific about how he intended to make Mexico pay for the wall. It was not with Mexico actually cutting a check for it. But again, when you only watch the left leaning msm, you get spoon fed their narrative.


Why don't you share the "specifics" with us Bob? Could it be we would pay up front and Mexico would pay us back after a new trade agreement. Or maybe via tariffs, Bob. The issue with that is the payment would come out of the pockets of the American people, period. We PAY THE TARIFF NOT Mexico. The new Trade agreement is NEW in name only. The point is, Bob, Trump is using the government shutdown, and not paying Americans for the work they do, to "force" the Wall on us and NOBODY wants the wall. It has been proven ineffective by any number of reviews.

Today is a new world Bob. Nancy Pelosi is second in line to the Presidency Bob. Trump has 17 pending investigations from Mueller to SDNY.


Funny, I don't recall the chant at Trump's rallies being "Build that wall!" "And who's going to pay for it?" "First, the US taxpayer! Then at a later point in time, Mexico will reimburse us! We don't know how but trust us we'll figure it out! And if that doesn't work, there's always Go Fund Me!"


Because he is trying to protect the American by building a southern border that is secure and the Democrats refuse to allow it while "he" is President. When they voted for it in the past if a Democrat was in the higher office.


@Tm72388 Please explain his demands that WE PAY FOR THE WALL. He stated many many many times that Mexico will pay for it!!!

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