Upon hearing "Hadestown" won:

— for Anaïs

This morning we’re all a little less our shadows

and more ourselves. Our wild-blue-eyed Vermont

daughter has blazed a path from deep inside the earth

over mountains that proved, with time and great care,

to be surmountable after all. Years pass. Lifetimes of

silence and still — mud blooms and maple boils down

to the music inside us. Now that she’s reminded us

who we are — that our childhood stories are real

and love still makes us — we can dare to create again,

even if it’s the same old folk tale. Even if we already

know one of us will die before the other. Horsetails

whispering as they fly so high and faint above us

you can’t call them clouds or sky. Here’s the part

where we get to ride…

Patridge Boswell


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