This is in response to the commentary “Plastic bag ban overstep,” by Rob Roper (June 25). Thank you for defining authoritarian and totalitarian forms of governing. Our Legislature is to be composed of individuals that represent the consensus of their constituents — professionals, home owners, renters, middle class and impoverished. Anyone that will be impacted by the laws they vote on. How in touch are our legislators with those constituents and the cultural values of the total constituency? It often feels like our representatives are more in touch with the impact on a few rather than the whole and vote accordingly.

It is our responsibility to keep our representatives accountable and in touch with how they vote will impact us. Write, call, use any way available to you to be heard.

How are representatives reaching out to those that are unemployed, impoverished, those just making it on minimum wage, illiterate, to understand how the laws you vote on really impact their lives?

Do they just go to the store and find out they will pay for the paper bag they carry their goods home in? Rain or shine. Transportation or not. No matter how far they have to walk with them.

Plastic or paper? Not a major issue? But all mountains start with a small mound of dirt. Control sneaks in and grows. So does government. Let’s all do our part to keep it of the people, by the people and for the (all) people. God help us.

Cecile Gendron


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