There is a Chinese phrase, "Death by a thousand cuts" that seems to have been adopted by the Trump administration. I won’t give them the benefit of having the intellect to use that phrase for their own political/financial gains but I will give them credit for using it for their own, and the Republican Party’s, self-serving interests.

Cuts in environmental protections that have caused degradation to the pristine wilderness that is part of our heritage. Cuts in defining clean water, clean air and other environmental issues that protect us from losing not only the beauty that surrounds us but also directly effects our personal health.

Cuts in educational efforts to provide services that are in the best interest of those who should have unrestricted access to not only that which is educationally provided but also the funds needed in order to continue their learning beyond their public education.

Cuts in services to those who are marginalized in our society: the poor, the mentally imbalanced, and those whose service to this country is demeaned by the lack of services to address their economic and emotional needs.

Cuts in efforts to truly confront the reality at our border, a reality that doesn’t stem from the protections of our border but from those countries that have become arbitrators of poverty, drugs and gang warfare.

Taken collectively, this "death by a thousand cuts" is having the effect of being a significant factor in the death of our democracy.

The Chinese may know more than we can comprehend. A single cut is painful, a thousand cuts, each left with no response, will result in death. Unfortunately, it may be death of our democracy.

William Gay


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Kirk, I’m surprised you would show your patriotism using Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian (Viva) – French would be Vive of course. But then wouldn’t they all be used by immigrants?


Hmmmm, sauerkraut or emigrant version as sour Krau.....and the ‘lib’ TA wouldn’t allow free speech :-/


Thanx for the ‘cuts’ to socialist ‘programs’ to restore the ‘republic’ and the American way of life....independence from the tax man. Viva La Trump :-)

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