No white-skinned person lives with the daily reality of a 400-year-old legacy of fearing for their safety and for their opportunities because of the color of their skin.

"Black Lives Matter" speaks to the soul and conscience of what this nation is supposed to stand for. A letter to the TA labeled those words painted in front of our state house as "vandalism," "defacement" and "a political statement."

Black Lives Matter is not a difference of opinion. It is a truth we have shamefully disregarded. It is right and necessary that this message be seen and heard anywhere and everywhere.

Ruth Wallace-Brodeur


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Check the recipients of the donations sent to BLM and you will quickly realize that BLM is nothing more than window dressing to a violent Marxist group bent on America transitioning into the Global One World Order.

Mike from Worcester

Just like Ben Carson saying the 'pyramids were built to store grain'- about as factual. And sad.


As usual, you made your 'pointless' :-

Mike from Worcester

"A violent Marxist group", oh my! oh dear!

'They are running thru my kitchen,

and it really makes me mad,

I have counted four this morning,

that's including mom and dad,

they will soon take over Pittsburgh

and rename it Stalingrad'.

How about a source for your paranoid delusion , please. I can provide mine. More than sad, spreading lies at a troubled time. Source, please.


You seriously need help and soon.

Mike from Worcester

source on BLM, please. No? then why say anything?

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