Thank you, Gov. Phil Scott, for vetoing the proposed "waiting period" gun law, a piece of legislation that could be viewed either as insidious or merely stupid. Insidious because it is just the latest attempt by the gun-ban lobby to void the Second Amendment by degrees. Stupid because it demonstrably wouldn't have any effect on the problems which it purportedly addressed: suicide and murder.

We may no longer be the "brave little state" celebrated by Calvin Coolidge, a state that supplied a disproportionately large number of men and guns to fight the country's wars, a state which, for better or worse, later rejected a Democratic administration with its promised "new deal" and greater regulation and higher taxes.

However, your veto demonstrates at least that we are not yet a mere "timid little annex" for big city politicians and recently arrived suburbanites. Gun hobbyists can continue, for the moment, to enjoy their pastime without additional harassment, but that's not all. The relative peace and tranquility we enjoy as a state and as a nation is an anomaly both in today's world and in human history, which is a story of endless successive massacres, murder and cruel oppression. The Second Amendment, also an anomaly, both recognizes and potentially helps to secure the "safe spaces" in which a peaceful and egalitarian society can develop.

Andy Leader


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