The parishioners of St. Augustine Catholic Church want to thank those who made our benefit concert a success through their generosity and determination that people coming to our country for refuge be treated with dignity, respect and care, provided with the assistance they need to not only survive, but to flourish.

Thank you performers: Sergio Torres, Allison Mann, Jill Pralle, Mark Greenberg, Ben Koenig, Miriam Bernardo, Jairo Sequeria, Montpelier Community Gospel Choir members Bill Paine, Paul Tagliamonte, Donia Prince, Heather Moz, Dell Waterhouse, Shawn Davidian, Janney Johnston, Marianne Perchlik. Kudos to Bennett Shapiro who spares no effort to bring the highest quality sound to every performance; to Brian Prendergast, proprietor of Brian P Graphics, who created a beautiful and compelling poster; and to Capitol Copy for printing it. All this talent was donated.

Sally Decicco told us about her experience as a volunteer at Annunciation House, the El Paso, Texas, organization which, since 1978, has provided shelter, food and all kinds of support for migrants entering our country. They are the recipients of the over $3,000 raised by the concert.

The organizing of the concert was done by members of the Evangelization Committee and had the strong backing of Father Julian Asucan, pastor of St. Augustine Church, who, when he heard what we wanted to do, said “we must do this.”

Thank you, everyone, who came to the concert and donated. As Father Julian reminded us in his welcoming remarks, everyone was engaged in an act of love.

Joseph Gainza


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