After hearing from Dean Preston and Josh Howard at the recent Barre Supervisory Union budget listening session, I found their demographic assessment of Barre Town and City to be accurate. Many families live below the federally recognized level for bare survival — meaning, many students suffer food insecurity and other conditions that cause childhood trauma. Scientific data connects childhood trauma to learning disabilities, substance use and behavioral issues.

It makes no sense to use poverty as a reason to reduce the amount of money needed to support those students. We should be increasing the educational resources for our students.

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There is always a complaint based on where does the money come from.

The simple answer is quit spending unexpected money.

Every time there is a budget surplus or other unexpected money we spend the money. If instead that surplus money, already acknowledged as "allocated to be spent once" was placed in an "accumulating surplus fund" the balance would grow. Spend 20% of the interest to reduce costs but leave all the principal alone and let the fund balance grow with future surplus funds deposits. The remaining 80% interest adds to that balance which compounds the interest earned.

As the fund balance grows the 20% dollar amount would also grow. Eventually a fund balance of literally millions of dollars would provide an amount represented by the 20% which could be used to reduce taxes and after a long enough period of time maybe even "pay' our taxes.

Spend your money and it is gone, save it and you can spend it anytime.

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