Perusing the newspaper this week, I came across a letter praising Sen. Patrick Leahy's column that called attention to the dangers faced by journalists in today's world. As a former journalist, I was interested to see who would have come to bat for we "ink-stained wretches," as Charles Dickens labeled us.

So, I quit reading and dropped down to see the name of the letter writer and was surprised to see it was Gesualdo Schneider, a name I've seen frequently in The Times Argus and a person I wouldn't have thought would have been an admirer of Senator Leahy.

But, when I went back to Mr. Schneider's letter, I found, in the final paragraph, that he had reverted to form and, out of the blue, taken Leahy to task for being pro-choice. Those of us who regularly read the newspaper know that abortion is Mr. Schneider's pet crusade, an issue he seems to see as good vs. evil.

There also was a story in the paper about an infant in Ludlow who was found dead under suspicious circumstances. The mother's boyfriend has been charged with second-degree murder. Mr. Schneider, this little boy's life was ended in an all-too-familiar domestic tragedy. Now, let us see you, who apparently have such strong, ongoing concerns for the unborn and unnamed, write a letter about this child, who did have a name. The pen is in your hand.

Strat Douthat


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