This is in response to a statement in Bob Stannard's commentary of Tuesday, June 16.

I take exception to one statement in that article. He says, "This act had nothing to do with the flag or the anthem," I realize the intent of this article and address myself only to that one statement. Of course, it had to do with the flag.

The U.S. flag code dictates what action(s) to take upon the presentation of the U.S. flag and the rendition of the National Anthem. Mr. Kaepernick seems willing enough to play football to entertain this country and accept the large salary that goes with it, but will not show respect for the country that provides him that opportunity.

If he had stopped during a play in the game to get down on one knee, that could be said to be a protest that didn't involve the U.S. flag, or he could hold a press conference to express himself. Just don't try to feed me a bunch of malarkey about what his action was aimed at.

Kendel Stafford


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