Horrific events: Carnage the media exploits for their profit-based interest and our own fascination with the images and thoughts that have become such a gruesome reality. While politicians shuffle through responses, with proposed legislation that is dead upon arrival due to leadership that is missing in action. Leadership that only offers prayers and hopes as he tees up his next ball.

And again, nothing but verbiage will be offered to solve what appears to be an insolvable situation with a historical precedence more than 400 years old.

But there may be a solution that may provide hope in doing what can be done to restrict such future carnage.

Not banning guns but banning that which makes a gun the lethal weapon it is. That being the ammunition without which it makes the gun about as useful as a weapon of terror as a broomstick.

We should ban the manufacture and sale of those bullets that feed those weapons of mass death. Recall all of those bullets (223 rounds and 7.62mm) from the gun dealers that allow AR-15s and AK-47s to spit out the lives of innocent civilians. We should go even further to make it illegal to possess those rounds in order to make sure that the hoarders of such rounds understand the criminality of having them.

Horrific events: It’s time to look beyond past non-attempts to deal with homegrown terrorism. Take away the bullets and the guns will not fire.

William Gay


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The problem is not the firearm, it is the nature of our society. We should train kids to disagree respectfully and understand that being offended or insulted or made to feel unwelcome does not justify violence. We need to teach the young to respect human life from the unborn to the elderly. Guns are not the problem, anger, hate, rage, and the inabliity to understand or ignore our differences is.

Bob P

Don't forget to ban Hammers also, plain old simple fact is more people die each year in the U.S from hammer attacks then they do long guns. I am willing to bet that you have no clue as to how popular the .223 round is, what thousands of hunters use it for and the fact that that round is not made just for those scary guns with all the black furniture on it.

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