Across the world, school is something to fear, hate and disregard. It's a place that doesn't really matter, that only wants to put thoughts into your head.

As a junior at Cabot School, I can say confidently that Cabot is an outlier to this idea. Cabot high school serves its students in a way that no other public school in Vermont does. It not only fosters an open, accepting community, but offers experiences and classes unlike anywhere else.

Cabot's music program is often hailed as the hallmark of the school, for very good reasons. Our entire high school curriculum is structured around project-based learning and real-world experiences, allowing students to expand their horizons and learn about the world around them, while maintaining proficiency. Although Cabot's size might restrict its ability to provide certain extracurricular options, the opportunities offered within the curriculum itself exceed those of any other school.

To say that Cabot school's story is "heartbreaking" isn't an understatement, but it's used for all the wrong reasons. Faculty, alumni and students alike are heartbroken over the idea that Cabot high school may be forced to close. Residents of Cabot are heartbroken that we may be put into a situation that would destroy our legacy. Even people outside of Cabot are worried for the heartbreak that closing the high school would cause.

I have attended Cabot for nine years; I've seen it through hardships and struggles. But there is no place I'd rather spend the most important years of my life.

Koschei Searles


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