May 6 to May 10 is national support your teachers and school staff week. As a 20-year school board member and parent and now grandparent, I know how important the staff at schools is. I also know their jobs are harder than ever.

Whether you’re a teacher, a support staff or custodian, I have learned that you are all a team that we need to make sure our kids get the best [of]. The budget is usually about 80% staff. It should be. That is, who cares about our kids. When you see them, thank them.

We, as a community, will be voting on a budget May 14. The process has been difficult but what has not changed is the staff at our schools who care about your kids. Vote 'yes' on the budget on May 14. The number will look different but the people helping our kids are not and guess what? They are doing it at a cost that leads the state in per-pupil spending.

I appreciate their efforts. I am proud to call them our staff and I thank them for working in an environment that is different. Please vote "yes" for the budget. Our kids deserve to continue to have the best. There is plenty of information available at our schools and on the website. Read it. Bottom line: Our staff is making it happen.

I would encourage you to visit a school. Yes, we have security but when past that, you will enjoy an experience that will make you proud to be paying the tax bill.

J. Guy Isabelle lives in Barre.

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