This is to inform the public that there is action that can be taken now to reduce plastic proliferation and pollution in Vermont.

I am calling out all environmentally minded folk. Support the legislation that has been introduced in the Vermont Senate and House banning single-use plastics and limiting plastic pollution in the state. Phone your representatives and your senators to make momentum for positive change.

The world is awash in plastic: News of a whale starved, full of 88 pounds of plastic bags, washed upon a beach in the Philippines; microplastics in our food, soil and waters; the North Pacific Garbage Patch; plastics in the Coventry landfill or along our roads.

Both chambers have originated legislation addressing plastic pollution, some bills stronger than others, all indicating a mindset that appears ready to begin to tackle the issue.

Here is the opportunity for tangible change in Vermont. To Vermonters appalled by plastic pollution and dismayed by environmental bad news, there are now significant actions to be taken, supported and insisted upon.

Vermont is the state without billboards, the first state to legalize same-sex marriage by state Legislature. These are forward-thinking things Vermont has done. There are forward-thinking things Vermont can yet do.

Vermont can ban single-use plastic bags, containers and straws. And Vermont can upgrade the current deposit bill to include plastic water bottles, as well as cider and wine containers. We can join other states, such as Maine and Connecticut, that have already committed to addressing the issue of plastic pollution.

Write and phone your senators and representatives, as well as the members of the Senate and the House Committees on Natural Resources. Insist on the strongest action possible to reduce single-use plastic in Vermont.

Judith Augsberg


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