I'm writing to ask Ward 1 voters to return Sue Higby to City Council next Tuesday. I've known Sue for a number of years, and I've always been amazed at the way she just things done. Under her leadership, Studio Place Arts has become one of the top art destinations in our region. From unique art shows to community-based arts programming, Sue is tireless in her efforts to make Barre the place to come for art. This includes the Sculpture Legacy program she created which has transformed our streetscape, as well as the wonderful Zipper Park and the sculpture park that preceded it.

As a councilor, Sue has recently focused, with Councilor Morey, on the issue of blighted properties in our city. It affects our neighborhoods and our grand list. Some have said it's an intractable problem, but I know Sue has the grit to get something done. Sue also developed the idea to take donations from the park meters this winter and put them in programs for our kids. The program raised much needed funds for the recreation department. That's just the way Sue works: identify a problem, come up with a creative solution, and then get it done.

Chris Riddell


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