I stand behind the upcoming carbon tax. Can you think of a better way to tell us Vermonters that we are going the wrong way with energy use? Are we not responsible for our part of climate change?

This climate change stuff is for real. We have to do our part. And now, just think, we have nearly tripled the size of our homes since 1960 — from less than 1,000 square feet to now, new homes average 2,700 square feet.

We have been steadily increasing the size of our cars. Look at the size gain in the last 10 years with this cheap gas, the weight of the average pickup truck, coupled with the gas guzzling.

Technology has helped us by about 2 mph in the last decade. But think of what we could have done as a nation by everyone doing their part. We need government to persuade us through our wallets that we aren't doing enough to reduce our carbon footprint.

Fred Brabant


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Fred, I share your view of the need to address climate change. A tax on people for using what is provided is inappropriate, in the very least, however. The people are using the energy provided. The tax that will make a difference is one that would put the pain on the producers. Long ago they should have made the transition. Take the profit out of continued fossil fuel production and the turnaround will be mind jarring. Billions of dollars can not flow from the "people" only to be misspent subsidizing the producers. Greed and profits eliminated that option. Just as it always has, the quest for more money and ignoring the ramifications is what this country is and always has been about.

The people of the world are suffering the results of the years of ignoring the reality of climate change. Expecting the "people" to pay a tax while the producers are free to continue is irrational.

Some people still refuse to accept it. Talk of "the cold" and "global warming" are tossed out as if they are opposites. Education is lacking. The difference between weather and climate is not understood.

Each of us can contribute. Reducing our own carbon footprint does not require a tax however. In 2008 I started my effort to reduce. In July of 2010 I I took the next step with PV solar on my home. To date that has meant that 21 tons of carbon have been saved from entering the atmosphere by my efforts. A tax is not what is needed, real action is.


i think that the so called carbon tax is just another way to take money from working vermonters who cant afford it it will also hurt small business and make it hard on low income vermonters

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