I would like to express my deep dissatisfaction with the article "No major changes, one Cabot-sized regret as state board readies for final Act 46 vote."

The article in question presented Cabot School as a place that students couldn't possibly want to go to, and are trapped in. This is simply not true. As a junior at Cabot, I can say that there is no other place I would rather be, and my fellow students echo my statements. We are not "ailing" or a "Cabot-sized regret." Our school is an amazing and unique place, and we don't want to give it up.

If the author of this article wanted to write more accurately about this issue, he could interview us students, rather than relying on state board officials whose opinions are uninformed by any actual experience. None of the board officials interviewed have ever visited Cabot School, let alone talked to an actual student who goes there.

Shockingly enough, we students know exactly what the school experience is, and would be more than willing to share. If there is any possibility of another article being written, I suggest getting the information from us.

Luca Socks


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