I frequently read your editorial page when I purchase your newspaper. Walt Amses' commentary in your Nov. 1 edition went way over the top in terms of hate words, not only for Donald Trump but also for the entire Republican Party.

For example, talking about the violence in our country, “evolved as much from the petri dish of hatred quietly nurtured for decades by the GOP.” He does have a way with words.

He is correct in that the words we use do provide ripples in the pond we live in. We should all, including Walt, stop with the hate words and the name-calling. This commentary was dripping with hate. The message of civility should also be delivered to those politicians in Washington. For example, I was listening to part of a debate on the radio and Bernie Sanders said, “Those [in Washington] who want to restrict abortion are hypocrites.” How do you expect to get along with those across the aisle if you call them names designed (to) paint them as evil?

If you oppose the ideas of those you do not like, tell us why your ideas are better and provide details, rather than throwing insulting words at those you do not like. If you oppose Donald's idea of a border wall, tell us why no wall would be a better idea.

Let's try to be civil with each other and stop using the hate words. We will all lower our blood pressure and live a little longer.

Thomas Prindiville


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