I am a retired teacher now but have a daughter who teaches and a grandson in day care. Tonight, they are awaiting the COVID-19 test results of their day care provider and her daughter as result of symptoms. My daughter is trying to figure out how to manage parent-teacher conferences, care for her 2-year-old, write sub plans and wondering if she will know if COVID-19 is at the day care by Friday as she has a neurologist Zooming in to her brain development class on Friday (a sub cannot facilitate that, if they can even get a sub). She does not want to expose me, so I cannot babysit this week, and we want to follow state guidelines.

I think, given today's Vermont record breaking number of 122 cases, it's time for the governor to pause in-person learning until after MLK Day. Another grandmother I know told me her granddaughter's district is preemptively going remote before Thanksgiving because survey results from parents show so many families are planning to go out of state or have out-of-state visitors during the holiday. The resulting community spread would likely infiltrate the schools and it would likely spread faster once it's there. Once most of the staff get exposed, there won't be enough teachers to do remote teaching. There are barely enough staff now for some districts to manage.

It seems so unfair that those of us being so responsible and following state guidelines are being put at risk by in- and out-of-state people who just choose to flout the norms. I know this is happening from my own observations.

It's time to pause in-person learning and go remote for the sake of everyone.

Jacqueline McCuin


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Well said.

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