It is beyond worth noting that we, us, the U.S., is complicit in the mass starvation of nearly 100,000 children in Yemen.

We are complicit in that our government, through its support of the profit-based armament industry and its sales to the Saudi Kingdom, is both directly and indirectly responsible for those deaths.

It is our government, supported by taxes paid by each and every one of us, that is complicit in those deaths and we, due to those funds that we supply the government through our taxes, are also complicit.

I hope that we, a bloated and obese nation, enjoyed our Thanksgiving. Sadly, the children of Yemen have lost their lives through our giving credence to the Saudi Kingdom through both arms sales and a refusal to call out the demonic leadership that has no humanity.

William Gay


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Howzabout we call out the politicians of Yemen who are ultimately responsible for the economic conditions of Yemen, not the United States nor the Saudi's :-

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