I hope Sen. Leahy and fellow Democrats share the blame along with President Trump for the death of that father and daughter who both drowned trying to cross the border.

I wish Sen. Leahy would step up and as a former officer of the law, to yes, provide humanitarian aide but more to uphold and reform legal immigration laws so we still maintain our rights as citizens and keep our border secure to survive as a nation.

I believe Sen. Leahy tarnishes his legacy by putting the Democratic Party above comprehensive immigration reform and above what is best for the country.

I have voted for Sen. Leahy in the past but now I no longer recognize the Democratic Party I once knew.

Please Sen. Leahy, step up and work with Republicans and put our country over partisan politics.

Sen. Leahy has the political clout and safety net to be able to cross the aisle.

Sens. Flanders and Aiken stood up when it counted.

I pray Sen. Leahy will do the same.

Robert Devost


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There is no one else to 'blame' for the death of a young father and his daughter trying to cross the Rio Grande except for that father, period, end of story, no more tales please. Immigration reform, yes and that's another worthwhile story, agree. I am afraid Patrick Leahy is more interested in getting his free groceries from Shaws than reaching across the isle :-/

Bob P

Kirk, you are absolutely right. Personal Responsibility goes a long way, but seems that does not fit most narratives.

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